Open Doors Aren’t Always Open Doors


With Hurricane Matthew moving in our direction at a speed of over 100 miles per hour, forecasters warned us to prepare for a possibly devastating storm.

After a quick shopping trip for supplies, I exited the store in the drizzling rain, ran to my car, and quickly opened the door.  When I did, I noticed the car contained many items that were unfamiliar to me. I was puzzled.

I mentally reviewed the number of reasons this should be my car:

First, this is the area of the parking lot where I left my car.

Second, this car is the same make, model, and color of my car.

Third, I had used my key remote and this door opened for me! [Continue reading]

Crock-Pot Chicken Fajita’s


This is a recipe I'm super stoked to share! Again, it's quick, easy, tastes good AND it's easy to make in a large batch (always a good DoAhead). No one in our tribe is a hard-core fan of Mexican. We like it but steak and potatoes are far more … [Continue reading]

Sweet Sugar Scrub


Oh DoAheads! I'm so excited for you to see what contributor Jodie Barrett has to share today! Jodie (and her ministry partner Donna) have started the coolest outreach in the form of a jar! I won't say much more (I'll ruin the post) but you really … [Continue reading]

Oatmeal Bake


The weather is getting chilly in South Dakota. That means several things: I can't get the dog to go potty outside. We're scrambling to get outdoor work done (because heavens--------it has been known to snow in October.) My tribe and I are … [Continue reading]

What To Do When Full Days Don’t Equal a Full Life


You know what the really great thing is about lists, organization and Doing Ahead? You get things done. Done things translate into LESS undone things. Less undone things usually translates into peace… Usually. … [Continue reading]

The Significance of the Insignificant {Winner of Give-Away Announced!}


Friends you are going to love Dana's post very encouraging. Read and be blessed by her words and then be sure to scroll to the bottom. The winner of Dr. Bengston's amazing book Hope Prevails is … [Continue reading]