Four Truths About Making Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship this past week as I contemplate one of my all-time favorite conferences—She Speaks. I won’t be attending this year and it feels a bit odd. I’m wistful over the friends I won’t connect with but more than anything I’m thinking about the new attendees and how they may feel once they arrive. [Continue reading]

Radical Love

Well it happened again. Another bridal shower for another beautiful young bride…and someone asked, “Would you say a few words?” That’s always…humbling. I feel completely unqualified. So I struggle and I pray through the process. And eventually I … [Continue reading]

Aronia Berry Smoothie

Have you ever heard of aronia berries? How about choke-berries? Not long ago I made a jaunt into our local health food store in search of a nutritious berry for smoothies. The clerk was informative and eagerly shared her knowledge. Her top pick? … [Continue reading]

I Owe… {God Bless the Fourth of July}

Today I am sober in my celebration for where I live, the country in which I was born. I'm grateful that I can say, I am an American. That rolls off the tongue so quickly. But I want to slow it down. Repeat it for the precious truth that it … [Continue reading]

Is Time to Relax Really All Its Cracked Up to Be?

"I just wish I had some time to relax!" Have you ever said those words? Maybe you looked at your calendar, agenda, or whatever other method of keeping up with your crazy schedule you use and felt overwhelmed. Okay - maybe, instead, a big wave … [Continue reading]

Vegetable Marinade

This recipe is perfect for summer cookouts but I’ve been known to bake and then broil them mid-winter. Vegetable options are listed but you can add or mix according to you or your family’s taste. The balsamic vinegar lends just the right amount … [Continue reading]