Hope Prevails! {Book Give-Away today!}

Hope Prevails 1

Self-care. The two hardest words e.v.e.r. (right next to “dirty dishes”.) Seriously, if you’re like me and you struggle with taking care of yourself than this article (and today’s give-away) are for you!

I met Michelle at a retreat this past April. What a joy! Dr. Michelle is a practicing neuropsychologist and she knows how to help people feel better. But more than that, Michelle gets it on a personal level. Be blessed by the tips she shares in today’s article and then leave a comment so you can be eligible to win her book! Let’s hear from Michelle! [Continue reading]

Zucchini Bars

Grated Zucchini 1

This bad boy has coconut instead of cocoa and an added touch of cinnamon (unlike the Zucchini Cake recipe I shared earlier in the month.) These bars not only make the tummy feel warm but they capture that perfect "fall feeling" for the last of the … [Continue reading]

Want to Learn How to Really Love Exercise?

Tennies & Water Bottles

Do you hate to exercise? If so, I'd say you're right up there with most everybody else in this country. As a matter of fact, about 80% of Americans don't get the recommended amount of exercise. So it's probably pretty safe to say that most of … [Continue reading]

Rhubarb Crunch

Rhubarb 1

Last Spring I shared a fantabulous recipe from my amazing BIL for a Rhubarb Cake. In the event, you're in need of another rhubarb option look no further than today's recipe! It's fast, easy and the perfect combination of sweet and tart! … [Continue reading]

Will We Meet Our Loved Ones in Heaven?

Mother Daughter

I haven’t done this much people watching in a very long time. Of course, I haven’t had this long of a lay-over in years. Four hours in O’Hare provides perfect people-watching opportunity. “Pretty Peacock” girl and I shared an interest in Einstein … [Continue reading]

Dealing with the Discouragement of a Detour

Airplane Wing

"This is your captain speaking. Air traffic control has placed us in a holding pattern.” That is not what I wanted to hear! Circling the airport involves delay and sometimes, uncertainty. But, I knew the air traffic controllers could see the … [Continue reading]