Five Cold & Flu Busting Tips

My weapon is drawn and I’ve declared war! Seriously, we have had it with cold and flu bugs around our home! In the off chance you or yours are in the same position I’m sharing (in no particular order) five of my favorite tips for dealing with winter-time sniffles!

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What Is the Secret to Self Discipline?

Are you ready for some things in your life to be better? When I was in high school, I injured my ankle pretty badly playing soccer. Back then we didn't have an awesome athletic trainer on staff, so I did what any red-blooded teenager did in those … [Continue reading]

No More Travel Sickness!

I keep a running list in my phone of things that I think are awesome during travel. Why for love have I not been posting them?! This little gem of a tid-bit can't wait for a top-ten list. If you have trouble with nausea during travel you'll … [Continue reading]

Best. Roast. Ever.

There are some recipes that you hesitate to write out. You ask yourself, Is this really a recipe? When I can't decide, I evaluate whether or not my college-age daughter could "whip up" said dish. If there are more than three tips and I think it … [Continue reading]

No More Missed Opportunities

Two times in one week I missed an opportunity. Two times. And honestly, those are just the two times I am aware that I missed something. These opportunities were not by definition anything that would promote me to a better place. No, these were … [Continue reading]

Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Quick! We may be running out of time! Soup season is coming to a close. We're OK with that in some respects. The frozen lake is taunting the boys. They'd rather swim IN it than fish ON it! That being said, I love the fact that soup is still a … [Continue reading]