De-Tox and Light Eating!


The holidays are well over but I and my tribe are feeling sluggish! The feasting around our home was pretty much a constant from Thanksgiving to New Year.

Between family gatherings, office parties, kid’s activities and home baking it’s easy for light/healthy eating to get pushed off the radar!  Enter our new (quarterly) cookbook! [Continue reading]

Homemade Chicken Stock

Chicken Broth 1

Another January recipe for light eating...homemade broth! The plus? It's also the bomb for when (hopefully "if") you or your loved ones make a date with a virus during the cold and flu season.  … [Continue reading]

Absent Without Leave


Absent Without Leave is a phrase coined to reflect a situation by which a soldier is absent from their post but without intent to desert. … [Continue reading]

Party Cheese Ball


Who needs "real" food this time year?! I decided to kick up my heels and post all snacks for December! After all, this is the time of year to share "food love" with guests in our home. This particular recipe also travels easy for when we need … [Continue reading]

The Little Big Things of Life


DoAheads! How ARE you? We've been a little shy on posts the past two weeks. Mostly yours truly! A minor medical issue caught me off guard but all is well. It will be a bit more quiet around here until the New Year. Christmas IS coming is it not?! … [Continue reading]

Tasty Crackers


These easy-to-make crackers are the bomb for parties or large family gatherings. My own tribe usually has these on hand for Christmas Eve. They're a perfect little side-dish for when the tribe needs some munchies. … [Continue reading]