Three Truths for When You’re Feeling Unnoticed


Could I get a hand please?

I’d love help with the dishes. That would be great!

A teen that takes up garbage without being asked? Fantabulous! [Continue reading]

Leveraging the Power of Procrastination


While cleaning out a small basket in my kitchen, I found a packet of seeds with an expiration date that had passed. Sadly, I had not found the time to plant them indoors before the final frost of winter.  Consequently, I also had not progressed to … [Continue reading]

Crunchy Veggie Hot-Dish


Truth. This dish was initially titled "Vegetable Casserole." However approximately a decade ago a certain 6'4" member of our family declared abolition against casseroles of any type. Funny...I haven't made "cassserole" ever since. :)  … [Continue reading]

Seeing My Sister


Early morning found me gazing at my lonely lady. There was a mist over the lake. Suspended tears it seemed. This time of year never fails to leave me with a sense of longing. … [Continue reading]

I’m Having An Affair (with my Food Saver)


I wanted "ya'll" to get your qouta of DoAhead Dining recipes/tips for the week so I'm sharing one of my favorite kitchen tips today! I'm crazy about our Food Saver. And's not  "love-affair caliber crazy" but I am having a definite fling … [Continue reading]

When Your Smart Phone Outsmarts You


Howdy! Cindy here! In a hop, skip and a jump Jodie's going to share a few thoughts on making the most of the calendars in our phones. (So easy not to do!) Her words jump-started my own desire to make better used of organizational tools. I read her … [Continue reading]