Who Me? Couldn’t be!

Stealing Cookie

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?

Who me?

Yeah you!

Couldn’t be!

Then who?

Did YOU take the cookie from cookie jar? [Continue reading]

What Can Ants Teach You About Being Healthy?

Marching Ants

Yesterday I was picking a few cherry tomatoes from our garden and noticed something pretty strange I wanted to share with you. It's actually a pretty strong lesson I learned about being healthy. … [Continue reading]

Cool Drinks for Summer


I think the string of triple digit temps in South Dakota have me hankering for something cool that comes with a long, tall straw! Today's DoAhead Dining will be short and sweet. I''ll share several links for cool drinks that have been featured … [Continue reading]

Turning Irritations into Opportunities

Flyswatters 1

My husband and I were approaching the third mile of our evening walk when we heard something that caused us both to become silent and run. While walking, we had unexpectedly encountered a large swarm of gnats.  The approaching darkness somewhat … [Continue reading]

Easy-To-Make Dump Bars {Kid-Friendly!}

Dump Bar

I still remember how crazy life was when I lamented to my friend "I need a chocolate bar recipe that's fast and easy." My kids were much smaller but each was headed a million directions--- all at a million miles an hour. Of course, that didn't … [Continue reading]

Christ Alone.

Looking at phone 1

The world is a crazy place right now…even if you live in “Mayberry” you can’t help but notice. The other morning I had planned on a quick peruse of our local newspaper. The headline pertained to an argument the city fathers were having about where … [Continue reading]