How To Get (and STAY) Motivated

Let me ask you one simple question – what is your motivation?

What I mean is – what drives you to do the things you do? When you make a decision, a choice, or take action – what moves you?

Maybe you have some areas in your life that you aren’t exactly happy with and feel like you need to make some changes. Why have you? Or better yet – why haven’t you?

We all have various reasons for doing what we do. But, in the grand scheme of things, there are really only 2 major motivators ——– [Continue reading]

Scalloped Corn

Still. Corn. Guess what? I'll probably be talking about chocolate in March instead of during this lovely month of "love". (I was always a late bloomer.) … [Continue reading]

Living Life Abundantly

Last week I shared how sick and tired I was about feeling so stinkin’ behind. My parents were DoAhead people and they fared darn well. They inspired me. Butt (that was on purpose) before I latched on to their way of life I wanted to study their … [Continue reading]

When you have had enough!

The shower drain became clogged and the washing machine stopped working. Very soon after arriving home from a very stressful day at work, I spotted something that would require an additional service call.  Soon, the doorbell began to signal the … [Continue reading]

Caramel Corn

Yes. I'm still on the corn "thing". Forgive me? This time the sweet treat involves a little brown sugar. Messy to make. But a mess worth making! … [Continue reading]

Hello…It’s me. {Winner of Book Give-Away Announced!}

Lately, I’ve been meeting a few new folks in Instagram Land. One of the things I appreciate is that they re-introduce themselves now and again. Great idea! May I introduce myself? I’m Cindy. I write about Doing Ahead. … [Continue reading]