Another Cup Please…


Stephen Pressfield said in his book, The War Art “… the hardest thing about writing isn’t writing but sitting down to write.”


Has anybody else ever felt that way about “Quiet Time?”


When it came to cultivating time to “be still” Pressfield’s comment fit this chick to a “T”.


I loved  being with Him, sitting still with him and yet…


Life can be crazy busy. There is always something to do. Usually it’s something good. Care for a small child. Help your hubby. Get to work!


How on earth does a woman drowning in commitment carve out time to “be still”?


The truthful answer is that it looks different for everyone of us.  Not only that, it can look different over the years. Such was the case for this DoAhead woman.


When our children were all three in diapers a book titled, Diapers, Pacifiers and Other Holy Things sat next to my toilet.  My DoAhead Devo was a stolen moment on the throne!

Babies are on the move! No time to be still for a picture and no time for Mama to be still!

As the kids grew and I could trust them to be left alone, my quiet time moved to the floor by my bed.


I would leave the bedroom door slightly open. The “pumpkin people” knew Mom was available for emergencies only.This was Mama’s time.

The pumpkins are bigger…Mama’s quiet time moves to the bedroom!

Before you know it, they were off to school.  Because I was a stay at home Mom I had the incredible privilege of lengthier quiet times. However…


It wasn’t long until I became an over-committed “volunteer mom”. It seemed even their day’s at school were now filled to the brim.

Pumpkins are off to school! Mom has longer time alone but the day’s begin to fill up fast!”

The pumpkins have grown up. All three are teenagers. You would think with children so independent I could plum meditate for hours.  But you wanna know the truth?


The level of activity at One North Harmon couldn’t be much crazier! So what does this DoAhead Woman do?


After the evening meal, I ready my twenty-four dollar, self-timed coffee pot.


A little Hazelnut coffee goes in, a cup is placed beside it and the timer is set.

The alarm goes off early am.  I rise (sometimes groggily) but the smell of coffee and the One I get to share it with are calling me.


Today (and I suspect for many days to come), early morning is my choice time to meet with Him.  I may leave wishing I could share another cup but just like the “diaper days” I know I’ll be refreshed.

So back to our friend Mr. Pressfield.  He said the hardest part was sitting down.


What can we do to grab a moment or two with God?


  • Steal minutes by setting a book next to the toilet?
  • End the day with a Devo that remains on the nightstand?
  • Trade babysitting services with a friend and find a whole hour to be with Him? Perhaps a walk alone in the park?
  • Buy a cheap coffee pot and wake yourself up with it early in the morning?


Whatever it is, let’s spur each other on to do it…and do it now!


So, friends, confirm God’s invitation to you, his choice of you. Don’t put it off; do it now.” 2 Peter 1:10 MSG


Your DoAhead Friend,

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