Chocolate Chip Cookie Love

 Some say meat and potatoes are staples in family dining.


That’s true for the tribe at 1 North Harmon.  But we have one more staple…

Chocolate Chip Cookies!


When there are no Chocolate Chip Cookies in the basket by the toaster we are sad.


When there are no extra cookies in the freezer we are depressed.


But when the freezer lacks oven ready cookie dough balls it means one thing and one thing only…

there is no love at 1 North Harmon.


Consequently, we take having Chocolate Chip Cookies in the house seriously.


Today’s DoAhead Dining capitalizes on two DoAhead principles…cooking in large batches & freezer storage of partially prepared food items.


Here’s how it’s done with cookies:


#1. Prepare your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Double or (if your bowl allows) triple your batch.

 #2. Bake a portion of the cookies. We make one or two dozen for immediate consumption! Then we make at least two dozen more that can be frozen and pulled out for “emergencies”. 

#3. Form the remainder of the dough into quarter sized balls and place in an airtight container. (Since there is often enough dough to “layer” the balls for storage I cut a baggie to fit the container and then layer.)

 #4. Place dough balls in freezer!

Bam! Your “staple” of Chocolate Chip Cookies is no longer in jeopardy!

Basket of cookies empty? Go to the freezer for pre-baked cookies.


Kids bringing friends over and you want a special treat?  Fill a cookie sheet full of dough balls. Thaw for 20 to 30 minutes. Bake and serve warm cookies!

 Can’t you just feel the love?!


Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. I have been doing something similar to this. I roll up the dough I don’t bake and put it into the freezer, slicing off what I want to bake when the time comes. I like this idea much better. Thanks!

  2. Love it! That technique reminds me of cookie dough “in a roll” that you can sometimes buy in the store. Great idea when there’s not enough time to form into balls!

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