Diva Dives into the Toothbrush Drawer!


Confession. The drawer that houses toothbrushes for the Doc and I was getting gucky (that’s a word isn’t it?)


I did not  include a photo of pre-cleaning lest the globs of toothpaste curdle stomachs.


This DoAheadDiva was having trouble pursuing loveliness in her own bathroom and she knew it was time to do something about it.


Consequently, today’s tip is about securing a perimeter in which we can make ourselves be-you-ti-ful!


Journey with me through this 10 minute DoAhead.

  Bin’s are emptied out and washed with warm, soapy water.


 Drawer is wiped out.


 Bin’s and contents are re-installed.



 Smiley face is drawn on Doc’s toothbrush.


Bam!  10 minutes later this DoAhead is done!


I feel like Jabez…


my borders are expanded,


I live in wide open spaces…


I have no more globs of toothpaste to greet me in the morning!


What is ONE corner or cubby you could dedicate 10 minutes to that will create  a “diva environment” for you?


 Your DoAhead Friend, 

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