It’s Not a Crock!


The Crock Pot.  A DoAhead Dining secret weapon.


Whenever I hear the words “crock pot” and “recipe” together my ears go up like a wolf detecting a kill!


I found this recipe a month ago. My family has had it twice in the past 3 weeks-it needed a little tweaking! (Thank you tribe of Krall for your patience—one of many reasons I love you.)


Here you go DoAheads… another dish at your disposal!


Chicken/Bacon Hotdish


1 Pound Boneless Chicken Breast (cut in bite size pieces, season with garlic salt & pepper…if your family likes a zippier taste sprinkle chicken with Greek Seasoning.)

1 Package diced Ham (If you have leftover Ham from Easter, yeah you!)

½ pound Crumbled Bacon (Confession. I cheated on this one and bought pre-packaged. Next time we have BLT’s you can bet I’ll make extra and freeze for this dish.)

2 cups Sharp Cheddar Cheese (grated.)

1 pound bag of Tator Tots 

1 can Cream of Chicken Soup

1 ½ cups Milk


Coat your Crock Pot with a light amount of butter or spray with Pam.

Begin by layering half of the Tator Tots on the bottom.

Next, layer half of the ham, bacon and cheese.

In a separate bowl mix the milk and Cream of Chicken Soup. Pour half of this mixture over ingredients in crock pot.

Repeat layering process. Your last step will be to pour the remaining Cream of Chicken soup over the dish.

Cook at 250 degrees for 5 hours.


Congrats! You’ve just got added another DoAhead recipe to your arsenal in the battle for more family meals!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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