Nighttime Diva


It doesn’t matter if we wear a great deal of make-up or little to none, washing one’s face before bed time is always a good idea!


Time for a confession.


Years ago (when the current teens of 1 North Harmon were ALL in diapers) I would fall into bed and washing my face prior to “the collapse” was priority zero!


The downer occurred when the rooster crowed the next morning.  Raccoon eyes from smudged mascara would greet me. Ugh.


Whether we’re exhausted from the care of little ones, constantly on the go from travel, or overwhelmed with a major project it’s tempting to say, “Bag it!”


So what does a DoAhead Diva do?


The secret weapon is makeup remover in the form of a towelette.


When we’re uber exhausted and can’t muster stamina for the full Monty we can at least grab a towelette and wipe off make-up and/or grime from the day.


Removing makeup is a true DoAhead since a clean face paves the way for makeup application a mere 8 hours later!

There are a ton of towelette brands on the market.


You can find them at your local drug store or health food store.  You can also purchase them online.

So there you go girlfriends. A possible alternative to make sure we don’t neglect one of the most important night time DoAheads!


Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Mary Jo Hoffman says:

    Hi Cindy, It’s MJ. Hey there is something out there called Norwex and I sell it. It is awesome no chemicals. It is an antibacterial cloth that has silver in it. I started taking my makeup with it and I love it . You can use the same cloth for a week or so. I think you would love it ! Well need to go I am in Sioux Falls with my grandson he is having eye surgery with Dr West. Say a prayer for him. Take care! Love you Kralls!!

    • Great idea! We’ve used those but honestly I forgot about them! I will whisper a prayer for that grandbaby! Take care!

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