Orville Redenbacher


I’m not sure why but I love Orville Redenbacher. Maybe it’s his popcorn. But I think it’s his courage. (It takes a brave man to brand himself in a bow tie.)


Orville would like this weeks DoAhead Dining tip.  Can you guess what it’s about?


You got it girlfriends. We’re talkin’ popcorn. And I mean lots of popcorn.  Today we’ll implement a little DoAhead that pertains to buying in bulk.



The tribe at 1 North Harmon has has been a member of a local food buying group for many moons.


It started 17 years ago when the manager of our local health food store had to call 911.  I wanted to purchase healthy baby food for my precious pumpkins but I fell to the floor when I saw the prices. Kidding (kind of).


Bam!  Time to become  a member of the local food coop!


We’ve long outgrown baby food but staples like flour, sugar, salt, rice, butter, cheese, juice and of course…popcorn are often a part of our monthly purchases.



We bag the popcorn in freezer bags and then store in the freezer. Our family of 5 goes through a 25 pound bag about every 6 months.


Have you ever considered joining a buying club? Here is a link for the coop we use.  This will take you straight to the contact page.  You may need to connect with them to determine if there is a buying group in your vicinity.  If not, you may want to start one!



One more thing.  We still honor Orville on occasion by imbibing in HIS popcorn. All because of the tie.


Your DoAhead Friend, 

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