Healthy Laughter

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Deep down we all know laughter is healthy.  There are studies to prove it.


But sometimes it’s hard to “drum up” a good laugh!


We’ve got a headache…grab the Tylenol.


Got a tummyache…grab the Zantac.


But what if you’ve got a heartache?  Well I would never want to minimize heartache. Folks out there have heartaches the size of the Grand Canyon.


But the tribe here at 1 North Harmon has found that a family joke, a funny story or a lighthearted movie can often restore “heart health”.


In the event any of you sweet DoAheads are in need of a laugh here’s a link for you.

Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins on Multitasking

 “I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy; I’m singing your song, High God.” Psalm 9:2 MSG 


Three cheers to laughter dear DoAhead Divas!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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