Years  ago a friend made a comment that made me laugh AND changed my life. (That’s a sweet 2fer!)


We were comparing notes on family vacations.


We both agreed that it helped to have things in order at home prior to the departure because we were all shot by the time we came home from vacation!


Her words of wisdom went something like this, “If I don’t have the house put together it’s like a hurricane on top of a hurricane when we return.”


Hurricane on top of a hurricane.  I never forgot it.


Today’s DoAhead Destination tip has been a tour de’ force in preventing the hurricane on top of hurricane phenomena at our home.


It has to do with laundry.


We have just five in our family but I am convinced we generate laundry equivalent to that of a colony.


So here’s the scoop.  Prior to an extended trip we work hard to get as much laundry done as possible.


Ideally, the baskets in the laundry room are empty and ready for the onslaught after vacation.


In addition,we travel with plastic garbage bags. We sort and put dirty laundry in the bags during the trip.

 Laundry Garbage bag

It doesn’t matter if our trips are in the camper or a flight to a metropolitan city.The garbage bags come with us!


When we return home we can immediately throw a load in the washer!


No hurricane on top of a hurricane for the DoAhead Woman!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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