Taming your Travels!


Summer’s nearly here! And with it…family vacation!


Today marks the introduction of another DoAhead


DoAhead Destination!


Seventeen years ago Doc and I determined to take our three pumpkins to each of the continental states.


Doc drove. I prepped and planned.  Enter the “travel binder.


Experience is terrific teacher.  It didn’t take many vacations of me scrambling for maps, camping sites or tickets to realize there had to be a better way!


I determined that Mom was going to enjoy vacations too and the only way I knew how was to get my “poop in a group’!


I had to get a better handle on my end of the deal…the planning.


I purchased a binder at the local discount store and in the month prior to the trip I began to organize and place helpful information in the binder.

I also used plastic inserts to store miscellaneous items like tickets or brochures.


Over time, a travel checklist evolved. It was ready to go at the beginning of each summer.


I was less freaked out because I didn’t have to wonder what I forgot. Doc was better rested (for the gazillion miles he would drive) because Mom was less freaked out!


It worked well for all of us.


Flash forward 17 years.


The tribe of Krall has conquered all the continental states but the binder principle is still in practice.


One month ago we took a family trip to DC.


You can bet your buns we had a binder with flight and hotel information, documentation for visiting the capitol, museum hours…the list could go on.


Is there a trip coming up for your fam this summer?


Next time your grabbing toilet paper at your local Walmart round up a binder and a few sheet protectors.

Leave that bad boy on your desk or kitchen counter. As you accumulate information for your trip, tuck it away.


Mama will have peace.  Peace will give Papa pleasure. And the pumpkins will be oblivious and ready for a great family vacation!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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