Summertime China

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Aaah! Outdoor dining…supper at the picnic table, breakfast in the porch.


Nothing beats dining in fresh air with the sounds of nature or children playing in the background. And yet for DoAheads there’s another bonus…the summertime “china” that requires far less clean up after the meal.

We live at the lake so outdoor dining is high on the list of priorities in the summertime. One item that enhances  meals in the open is a food cover.


One of the featured covers in the photograph below is perfect for potato chips. The basket is lined with a napkin and the hinged screen covers the chips so the flies are kept at bay.

Food & Chip Cover

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 Another keeper are the the clear plastic plates, cups and utensils we purchase from a warehouse. These are especially nice for breakfast on the porch. They look pretty but you gotta love the quick clean up of disposable plates.

Plastic Plates

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No rocket science for today’s DoAhead Dining but hopefully these tiny tips cut down on summer perspiration and enhance your summer inspiration!


(The links are for convenience only. No kickbacks for this DoAhead Woman…hopin’ to save you a few minutes in case you fancy your own set of summer china!)


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