We Forgot the Diapers?!

Baby in Diapers

A DoAhead Woman is a work in progress. For me and my kith and kin that is remarkably good news.

Anything I am mildly adept at, has only occurred because I have a bucket of mistakes on which to base re-cons and re-dos.

Enter the evolution of the “Camping Checklist”.

Perhaps an example will drive home the point. All three children were in diapers. (You ask, “Why, for the love of Mike, did you attempt camping when all three children were in diapers?” The honest answer is that I am an idiot.)

Two hours into the trip a cry rises from the depths of the moving vehicle, “Doc! Where are the diapers?!” He replies, “I thought you grabbed the diapers.” I respond, “I thought YOU grabbed the diapers!”

If memory serves correct… that was the trip I vowed we would have less chaos in our camping preparations.

Each family will have unique travel needs but I’m hoping our list will provide a springboard for your own list.  Use your pretty finger to point & click over the link provided.  You’ll go straight to the Freebies page where you can download a nifty PDF from Travel Tips.


 Link to DoAhead Travel Tips!

Three cheers to no more forgotten diapers!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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