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 Finding Freedom Study


Whooo Hooo!  We have a guest today!  I first heard her story six months ago. I then had the privilege of participating in an online study of her Finding Freedom series. Talk about powerful. But why should I be surprised? The intersection of humility like Lorie’s with God’s grace couldn’t result in anything less than a powerful and moving story.


Are you living a life that cries for freedom?


If so, sweet DoAheads, read Lorie’s story and be encouraged.


I remember the day like it was yesterday – my Mom stood at my front door while I sat on the stairs barely able to lift my head for the despair I was feeling.  Circumstances were bleak, my vision for my family was fading into the distance, my hope for the future was foggy at best – I felt trapped, defeated and like a loser mom!

And then my wise mother spoke these words, ‘You have to decide… even if your kids never follow after the Lord, what will you do?’

What?! You might ask what was she saying to me!  Well, with 3 teenagers running from God, alcohol, drugs and rebellion were the story of our family at the time.  I felt like in some way God had failed me…after all, my husband and I had faithfully followed God and desired the same thing for our children.  They had been raised with the truth of Christ and although we were far from perfect, we sought to please God in our lives.

So – was it worth it to follow after God if my kids didn’t?  Where was God in this mess?  Could I trust Him with this?  What had we done wrong?

And those words…. “you have to choose…even if you’re kids don’t”.

My mom was not suggesting that they wouldn’t choose but regardless of their choices – I had to choose!

“Choose this day who you will serve”

Was my choice to trust Christ going to be dependent on my kids, on my circumstances or was it dependent on me choosing Christ in the middle of the mess?

Because of the mercy of Christ – my husband and I made our choice.  We would follow Christ no matter what!  No matter how long it would take for our kids to return to Christ!  No matter the pain, the disappointment, the fear!  We would choose Christ and his power at work within us to accomplish His will in our lives….and in the lives of our kids.

Is there a situation or relationship in your life that is determining whether you trust God?

GOD’s Word tells us in Philippians that there can be JOY in the middle of Suffering!   Right in the middle of the mess – you can find freedom!


Through walking with God in prayer.

Our circumstances continued to be discouraging for years – but my husband and I were different when we learned to walk with God in prayer.

Prayer does not always bring instant results!  At times it feels like a long time… for us this journey lingered for almost 7 years before we saw one of our sons return to Christ.

Do you ever feel like God has not heard your prayers – or it feels like He will never act?

Daniel 10 kept us praying!

Daniel 10: 12 Daniel was Praying when ‘A heavenly being appeared to him’.  Some think it was Christ, others think an Angel.  In either case, Daniel was given a glimpse of the battle between good and evil supernatural powers.  Listen to what the heavenly being said:

v. 12  “Don’t be afraid, Daniel.  Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven!”

Notice – his request was heard immediately!  From the FIRST DAY!

You can be assured that your prayers, your cries for your loved ones are heard the first time they are spoken.  You can choose Christ and His power to act on your behalf… in His time.

Take a few minutes to watch what God did in our family and what He desires to do for you and your family as well.


Lorie Hartshorn


DoAheads…hope you checked out the Hartshorn story. Their journey of finding hope, peace and freedom in the middle of the battle is something I will not long forget.


I hope their story encouraged you as much as it did me!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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