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Grip Scale

Today’s DoAhead Destination tip is another handy helper for travel on the airlines.


Doc and I have had a fair number of opportunities to fly commercial. We’re grateful we don’t have to do it as often as some folks, but it doesn’t take much exposure to airports to figure out every little tip helps!


Have any you sweet DoAheads experienced the frustration of checking in your luggage only to learn your precious cargo qualified as “hefty”?


It’s happened to Doc and I twice. The second time I vowed would be the last.  Enter a luggage scale.


The one featured in today’s blog is what Doc and I use. There are many on the market, most are quite affordable.


Perhaps you are a light traveler and a gizmo like this isn’t necessary. This DoAhead loves to plan for every conceivable social and weather option. Hence, a cram packed bag! If you’re like me you’ll want to check out the link.  This favorable fellow may be for you!  (GripScale by eBags.)


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