Murphy’s Law


mur·phy’s law

“A supposed law of nature, expressed in various humorous popular sayings, to the effect that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”
We’ve all heard of Murphy’s law but here at 1 North Harmon we have another kind of Murphy’s Law. It has to do with faithfulness. Murphy is surely the most faithful fellow that ever graced the earth. He gave meaning to the phrase, “…sticks closer than a brother.”.

He goes before us.

Murphy-Goes Before Us

He lays down beside us.

Murphy-Lays Beside Us

He waits patiently “in the wings” when we’re too busy to spend time with him.

Murphy-Waits in the Wings

He’ll make his way through any obstacle to be with us.

Murphy-Pushes Through Obstacles

He eagerly anticipates our arrival.

Murphy-Anticipates Arrival
 Murph is the epitome of faithfulness. If Jesus walked the earth today I suspect he would include a fuzzy Shitzu in parables that would teach us about:
  • A Heavenly Father that goes before us.
  • A Protector that pushes past obstacles to reach us.
  • A Friend that never leaves our side.

How incredible…the God of the heavens, faithful to us!


Sweet DoAheads, if pics of our beloved Murph don’t drive home this truth please check out the link below. Take a minute and let Third Day bless your socks off. You’ll be glad you did.


 Your Love Oh Lord, Third Day”

Your DoAhead Friend,

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