Summertime Sammie!

s Sweet Baby Pork

DoAheads we are in for a treat today! My nephew’s bride shared this amaaaazing DoAhead recipe for pulled pork over the 4th of July. She tripled the batch and fed our crew of 20 easily with enough leftover for another meal.


This bad boy of a recipe utilized a favored DoAhead tool..the crock pot!  Place your feet firmly on the floor friends ‘cuz the recipe below will knock you off your socks!

Steph’s BBQ Pork

s Sweet Baby Pork


2 pounds of pork tenderloin

1 twelve oz. can Root Beer

1 sixteen oz. bottle of Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

Lawry’s Seasoning Salt


Lightly coat your crock pot with Pam. Rub a generous portion of Lawry’s seasoning salt over the tenderloin. Allow it to tenderize after the salt rub for 10 min (no heat is necessary).


Poke holes throughout the tenderloin with a fork. Place the tenderloin in the crock pot. Pour Root Beer and a 1/3 of the BBQ sauce over the tenderloin. Cook on low for 7 1/2 hours.


At the end of 7 1/2 hours pour off 3/4 of the liquid.  Next, add the remaining BBQ sauce and shred the meat with forks.  Cook another 30 minutes.


s Sweet Baby Pork

Steph also whipped up her favorite coleslaw recipe and served it on top of the Sammie.  (Link for Sweet Restaurant Slaw from If you want to take it to the next level toast the buns and place a little BBQ sauce on each bun prior to topping with tenderloin and slaw.

Hope this recipe will tickle the taste buds of your family as much as it did ours! But what I really hope is that during the 7 hours this bad boy is in the crockpot you’ll have the same wonderful opportunity we did to…



Your DoAhead Friend,

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