Dig it Divas!

Digs Gloves!

I’m a DoAhead that loves to work outside. Grant it, that’s not everybody’s favorite pastime but whether its  a labor of  love or a necessary evil most of us engage in outdoor work now and then.


Enter my latest, favoritetest (I’m sure that’s a word.) gloves.  By mid-summer I have usually burned through at least one pair of work gloves. I tend to wear the finger tips out. I stumbled upon the brand in the link below and LOVE them!

Digz Gloves 2

Digz Gloves

Earlier this summer the tribe and I planted 50 plus perennials in a thick rock bed. I couldn’t believe it. The gloves lasted and are still going strong. (Look in the featured photo above. You’ll see the fingers in the gloves are worn but they have plenty of use left in them.) These bad boys are obviously meant to last!


That’s it sweet DoAheads… a tiny tip for keeping the finger tips in tip top shape!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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