Double DDuuttyy

Double Duty

Last week marked the addition of DoAhead Dwelling. A terrific craft for making paper flowers was featured. (See last Friday’s post.) Today, we’re going to organize one of the nastiest of nasty’s in any kitchen…under the sink.


Not long ago this DoAhead Woman reached the breaking point with regards to the junk under her kitchen sink. Something snapped.I was looking for a potato brush. I waded through 2 bottles of window cleaner, 2 cans of oven cleaner, 2 bottles of dish soap and every other conceivable cleaning product we own. I finally decided something needed to be done!


In narry a moment I jumped atop the kitchen island, beat my chest and with the same fervor of Mel Gibson from Brave Heart bellowed the DoAhead War Cry, “DO IT NOW!” (Not really, but it makes for a good story.)


I grabbed my camera and took a picture of the kitchen clock. By gum, I was going to time myself in this endeavor.

Clock Start for Cleaning 3

I reached for the garbage can and began to pitch expired and defunct cleaning products. Then I placed all items that I had duplicates of on the kitchen counter and combined them. It took just a few moments to wipe out from under the sink and replace products that survived the purge or had been combined.


I snapped another photo of the clock.

Clock Finsh for Cleaning 2

Eight minutes. You’re kidding me? It only took eight minutes? I’ve been putting up with this mess for 4 months and it took me 8 minutes to straighten? Wow.


Sweet DoAheads, do you have a kitchen or bathroom cupboard that is driving you bonkers? Give the DoAhead Woman war cry a try! It’s amazing how many items end up in storage that are doing double duty.  If we purge and/or combine these items we can create a workable, and stress-less space!

Undersink Clean Final

Be sure to stop by DoAhead on Monday to see the winner of the give away! It’s not too late to comment on Monday’s post (Prayers for a Woman’s Soul) if you haven’t already!


Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Cindy, you are hilarious! I am going to start doing the Do Ahead War Cry!! Funny thing.. . I too cleaned under my sink this week!! I didn’t time myself but I was thinking how quick can I get this done so I can get back to my lawn chair. :).
    Love it!!

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