Smoky Eyes

Snowflake Eyes

Today’s DoAhead Diva features a tip for tired eyes. Unlike the Mom featured in the video link below, we’re going to be a little more subtle! (If you haven’t seen the GoGurt commercial for the Smoky Eyed Mom click on the link …you’ll laugh out loud!)

Smoky Eyes

Smoky Eye’s

This is a tip that a  Bare Minerals technician showed my daughter and I…it really works. The product is called Snowflake (but you could use any very lightly colored shadow). Take a small amount and brush or rub it in the very corner of your upper lid. You can even go so far as to rub a little between the corner of your eye and bridge of the nose.

It doesn’t take much…just a touch. The lighter color and iridescence makes tired eyes look brighter and more alert.

Here’s to bushy tails and bright eyes!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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