Song of the Cicada {Winner of Give Away Announced!}

Summer Wallpaper (2)

Summer is on the cusp of closure. The singing cicada are a tangible reminder that  jet skis, flips off diving boards and blackened, roasted marshmallows are nearly over. So much fun and yet…so much M-E-S-S! As ol’ George would say, “I cannot tell a lie.” The transition from summer fun to structured school days brings relief.


No more sopping beach towels. No more lawn clippings trailing through the house. No more chaos rooted in three teens with three different jobs on three different time tables. And did I say no more sopping towels?  Kids are back in school and that means supreme routine.  Time to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.


It’s just that…this year feels different.


Is it because the oldest will leave for college next year? Is it the fact that all three Darlings are in high school and we know they will all soon be gone? Perhaps its the recent loss of Grams. I’m not certain but I suspect my quandary is linked to a truth that is becoming increasingly apparent.


There are NO guarantees.


It’s easy to shrug off a season, a job or even a relationship when we believe there will be another chance. The return of summer next year. An opportunity to do better at work tomorrow. Time to reconcile later. But what if that were not the case? What if today were it?


What if here and now were the only guarantee?


Life goes by quickly. When the children were young a dear friend offered these encouraging words, “When kids are little, the days can feel like years but believe it or not, the years go by like days.” My exhausted mama’s heart drew strength from her observation and I renewed my resolve to enjoy the moment.


But I’ll be honest, that truth no longer applies. Now, the days disappear in an instant and the years even faster. What a sobering reality. This truth could elicit melancholy in even the most optimistic of souls.


And so it seems the cicada are singing a new song. I’m not relieved by their mark of the passage of time. Instead, their chorus causes me to remember and relish…


Trips to town…time for ice cream.

Edge of the bed…late night conversation.

Grilled meals…picnic table chatter.

Boats humming…squeals from kids.

Screen porch…morning coffee.

Summer jobs…first paycheck.

Braided hair…zinc on noses.

Cookies from Avis…cookies from Avis.

Summer love…summer heartache.

Little visitors…prints on glass.

Cicada…singing a good night song to a savored, summer season.


As you blow a kiss goodbye to summer what do you want to remember and relish?


 “I thank my God every time I remember…” Phil. 1:3


And now as promised…Lisa H. you are the winner of last weeks give away! Please email your mailing address and Julie will personally send you a copy of  her book Prayers for a Woman’s Soul!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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