“Stu”…the Tomato

Stewed Tomatoes 1

As promised, another DoAhead Dining post regarding those bee-uuu-tifully abundant tomatoes! Last year we experienced drought (not unlike many other areas of the country) consequently tomato yields were poor. This year God has blessed us with a huge harvest. The only predicament lies in what to do with so many tomatoes!


Last weeks post featured the production of pizza sauce. This week we’re simply going to stew. (Ten times easier than the pizza sauce.) (Ok. Maybe not ten times but definitely five times.) Let’s get started!


Stewed Tomatoes

  • Take the ripened, picked and washed tomatoes, and grab your cutting board.
  • Cut the tomatoes in quarters (make sure the stem and any remnants of where the stem meets the core are removed.)
  • Start mincing. I find that a thin, finely serrated knife works best.
  • Place “chopped” tomatoes in a roaster. Add approximately 1 tbsp of salt.  Cook in oven at 350 until bubbly. Once the tomatoes bubble allow them to stew for an additional 60 minutes. (If your family likes “chunky” sauce you don’t need to cook as long once the tomatoes reach boiling point.  Our tribe prefers less chunks. The longer the tomatoes stew the more they will break down. The result is more liquid, less texture.)

Stewed Tomatoes 2

Once cleaned and cooked you can begin the storage process. One option is to freeze, another is to can. If you want to can your stewed tomatoes refer to last weeks post, You Say Tomato, I Say Tahmahto!  There you’ll find step by step instructions. Salsa is another terrific option for tomatoes. There are many great recipes out there but one of my fav’s is featured in the Freebies page.


That’s it sweet DoAheads! Happy stewing!


Your DoAhead Friend,

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