The Aroma of Fall

Pumpkin Spice Candle

We are an odoriferous family. Oh wait…I guess that could mean we have body odor. Rewind please. We are a family that savors the scent of fall. (Better?) Nothing marks fall in our home more than the scent of a Pumpkin Spice candle. There are several scents we like (Mulled Cider and Cinnamon) but Pumpkin Spice is the bomb.

The favored candle brand around here is Root. (Remember…no kick backs on DoAhead. Just sharing  favorites.) The Root candles have Soy wax. They burn incredibly clean with very little smoke. Their line has a phenomenal number of colors and scents. (Click here for Root Candle website.)

There are other fun ways to bring the scent of fall into your home. A few might be as follows:

  • A sachet hanging on a door handle
  • Pot-pourri burner on the kitchen stove
  • Scented oil atop the bulb of the family room lamp
  • A scent warmer in the bathrom
  • Votive candles peeping through happy ceramic pumpkins (Wow. That sounded like Bob Ross.) (Speaking of Bob Ross, let’s feature him sometime. He’s sure to make a DoAhead Woman feel inspired!)

Bottom line friends, retailers out there have numerous ways for us to introduce warm and inviting scents into our home. (Ooooh. Just thought of another one. Pour dried, scented crystals in your vacuum bags when you change them. It leaves an awesome smell throughout the house as you clean. These are the ones I use-Fresh Scents Sachets. You can usually find them at a local Wal-Mart.)

How do you bring the scent of fall into your home? Do tell!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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