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Bulletin Board 1

The Darling daughter’s bedroom was due for a makeover. Not a total, pull-your-hair-out, start-from-scratch makeover but it definitely needed tweaking. When she turned fourteen the princess bed and purple walls were overdue for a change. Change we did. Wall color, furniture, and  bedding. It was a treat for Mom and daughter to see her room transition from little girl to young lady.

Flash forward four years and we found ourselves agreeing that the “young lady’s” room needed to become the “young woman’s” room. The corner of the room that dated her most was her bulletin board. Art, pictures, photos and trinkets from Junior High were special, but they also set a tone for the room. We agreed the bulletin board area is where she needed to start. We had looked at uber cool wall organizers from catalogs we both loved. However, neither one of us loved the price tag. So we came up with a plan.

The following is a no brain way to bulletin board makeover.

The results are pretty nifty and the cost is a fraction of what comparable, ready-made boards run. Here’s how it’s done.


corkbord squares 1

Two 12″ X 12″ cork boards

(Or four if you want to do two boards.)

Frame 1

One 14″ X 14″ picture frame

1 inch Nails

Four 1 1/2″ nails with large flat heads

Stack two cork boards on top of each other and nail to the wall with one nail in each corner. (We chose the espresso colored cork. The nail heads were silver so we simply used a black sharpie to color and disguise the nails.)

Place frame over the top of cork board. The particular frame we purchased was a perfect fit for the 12 X 12 cork so we simply “rested” the frame on the cork and positioned it with sticky tack. (If your bulletin board is going to be vigorously used you will probably want to secure the frame with a nail).

The frames we purchased were dark colored but a can of spray paint rectified the situation.

Bulletin Board 2

That’s it DoAheads… a simple (and affordable) trick for a decorative bulletin board option!

 Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Love love love!! I am so doing this soon!

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