Leaving in Layers!

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Doc recently had a business trip to a warmer climate. (Of course it wasn’t hard to find a warmer climate since lately we’ve been sporting sub-zero temperatures of negative 40 degrees.)  (Lovely.)

Dressing for a transition from cold weather to warm required a bit of layering. Here’s what it looked like for this DoAhead:

  • Lycra Camisole

  • Fitted long sleeve top

  • Loose Button down shirt

  • Knee-length cardigan

  • Scarf

  • Shoes that could be worn with or without socks.

Boarding the plane in Sioux Falls, SD during a Polar Vortex demanded every ounce of wardrobe layering possible. Fortunately, four hours later, it was easy to accommodate the 70 degree temperatures by making a quick trip to the rest room and removing a few pieces.

  • Scarf was rolled up and tucked in purse.

  • Cami and Cardigan were removed and slid into the luggage.

  • Socks were removed and added to luggage—-ballerina flats are perfect with no socks!

Layered clothing is perfect for keeping comfortable during any leg of a trip!

How ‘bout you…do you have “go to” layering items for when you travel?

Your DoAhead Friend,

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