Ready to Eat-Bite Sized Treat!

French Toast

This DoAhead Dining  tidbit is going to be really helpful or really stupid. (I take comfort in the fact that genius and stupidity often go hand in hand. Perhaps this is one of those moments.)

Not long ago one of the darlings was neck deep in a grueling schedule. Practices were going late into the night. Hours at rehearsal were then followed by studies for finals (into the wee hours of morning). Consequently, I made allowances for this child’s zombie-like state when the school morning rolled around. (Who am I kidding? We are in a zombie-like state most mornings before school).

Anyway, in an effort to QUICKLY poke food into my adolescent, I slapped a slice of french toast on a plate and then wielded a tool I hand’t used since the darlings were toddlers.

My indispensable PIZZA CUTTER.

Lickety split the french toast was cut into handy, bite-sized pieces.

Food was speedily ingested as books and coat were grabbed.

The zombie was revived.

Cortical neurons began firing.

Hope for a degree of consciousness during finals was restored.

And yes…all  because of a pizza cutter.

Your DoAhead Friend,

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