As They Went

 People Walking

Early morning quiet time is sacred to me. I love padding out to the kitchen to the smell of coffee. Eyes still blurry I grab my basket and curl up on our little brown couch. Stillness with Him feeds me, changes me. This wasn’t always the case.  Quiet time is something that evolved for me over many years. (Check out the “Quiet Time Basket” post). Today I can’t imagine life without it.

And yet…

In recent weeks there have been several days when activity (either late the night before or early in the morning upon waking) has kept me from my date with Jesus. Before I know it, the day is in full swing. Meetings need to be attended to, appointments kept, errands run. Daily demands clamor and find me  anything but “still”.

Last week I was experiencing one of those days. As I whispered prayers to him throughout the hustle  and bustle I was reminded of a story in Luke. Jesus healed the lepers and he did so “as they went.” I smiled to myself as I pondered the parable. “As they went.” I’m so grateful God works not only in our stillness but also in our movement because some days are “on the move” days!

Intercessory prayers that I would have offered up on the little brown couch were whispered en-route to the doctor’s office. Refueling that would have occurred while listening to him in the morning happened in a stolen moment at a shop. Soft music was the backdrop, beautiful decor the inspiration. Right then and there I stopped, closed my eyes and gratefully pondered our giving God.  Waiting in the bank drive-thru, I could glean biblical truth from the inspirational teacher on the radio program.

I am so grateful that God is a God who worked in the lepers “as they went.” I’m even more grateful that He does the same for us as we navigate daily life. If  your quiet time is in a season of compromise take heart dear DoAheads. He’ll do the same for us as He did for the lepers. We need only draw near to Him and He promises to draw near to us. Sometimes—— it’s while we are on the move!


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Your DoAhead Friend,

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