Love in a Lunchbox

Lunchbox Love Notes

When the Darlings were small a packed lunch for school usually consisted of PB & J, chips, a few carrots, a cookie and of course…a note from Mom.

Sometimes it was a scratch of paper, sometimes a stick ‘em note but most days it was a recipe card. Stickers, smiley faces and words of encouragement filled the card. Those days are long gone. They’ve been replaced by texts and tweets that still pound home the “I love you and think you’re awesome” message.  However,  when I found these notes on I couldn’t help but think how fun they would’ve been “in the day!” sells ready-made notes for different age ranges. The notes have words of encouragement and fun facts or trivia.

A hand written note from Mom or Dad is always a treat but when the morning is a scramble or it’s time for something different, Lunchbox Love is a great change of pace! (Remember…no kickbacks at DoAhead. I just think these are cool and wanted to share!)

Your DoAhead Friend,

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