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s Bday Flowers

Less than four weeks ago we celebrated our daughters 18th birthday. Eighteen. Maybe if I say it over and over I’ll believe it could really be true. How can 18 years have come and gone? In an effort to keep from having a melt down and blubber my way through this post I’m going to switch gears and talk about something far more practical.

What on earth do you give a beautiful daughter on her 18th birthday?

Doc and I wanted to do something special but we were stumped. Tay owns a few pieces of fine jewelry but they are very meaningful items.  One is a purity ring she received from her Dad when she turned 16.  The other is a piece she received when her grandmother passed away.

Bottom-line, Doc and I wanted something to mark a birthday as special as 18 but fine jewelry wasn’t the answer. And then like a prospector on the prowl for precious metals I found the perfect gift. “Flower jewelry”! I ran across an artist that creates jewelry by using flowers from special occasions. You send in the flowers and she creates the pieces.


Can you say one special 18th birthday gift comin’ up?

s Bday Flowers II

 The petals from the flowers in the featured photos were carefully wrapped in tissue paper and sent off.

s Bday Flowers IIIHer jewelry should arrive in approximately a month.

I’m not sure who’s more excited…the Missus or the Mama! When the jewelry arrives I’ll ask the birthday girl to share a photo. You can decide for yourself if its the right fit! In the meantime, check out the link (Baubles by Maclyn). The store owner is a peach (of course it helps that her hubby is from South Dakota. (Six degrees of separation from South Dakota are always at play when anything amazing is at stake.)

Do you have unique “go-to” gift ideas for special occasions? DO TELL!

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