No More Fingerprints!

Stone Room Table

Have you ever had a décor’ project you were dying to try at home and you just never seemed to get around to it? I’ve had one of those bad boys haunting me for months.  (Who am I kidding…years.) Doc and I finally tackled it. The results were just as appealing as I had hoped so I have to share!

Several years ago we purchased a glass dining room table for our home office. We were thrilled with the purchase for several reasons:

  1. We bought it at an auction where the proceeds went to a good cause.
  2. The price was extremely reasonable.
  3. The table was beautiful!

There was just one tiny “flaw” with the table. As much as I loved it I knew I would not care for the finger prints it would be covered with after use. Glass tables equal fingerprints and smudges—— period!

One of my incredibly talented sister-in-laws had a similar dilemma and she came up with an ingenious way to address the problem. Let the record stand, the creative solution I’m about to share with you is a total “copy cat”!

I purchased a glass liner for windows. (The brand I used is Wallpaper for Windows but there are many others out there.) I cut it to fit the dimensions of the table. We applied it to the underside of the table, and wha la! No more fingerprints! I suppose it would be more accurate to say there are still fingerprints. But you absolutely wouldn’t know it. The liner “hides” them.

Liner for Glass Table

The vinyl was unbelievably easy to apply. Water and a drop or two of dish soap was all it took. It’s was easy to remove and re-apply when mistakes were made.

Finished Glass Table

That’s it DoAheads! If you’ve got a glass table (big or small) this is an easy way to rid yourself of those relentless prints and smudges!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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