Let the Sun Shine In!

Flowers in a Vase

Years ago I made a decision. I decided to have fresh flowers in my home.  I wanted life and beauty before me.  A vase full of bright flowers seemed like the most attainable means of doing so. At the time, life was hard.  It was a season that would play itself out. In the end, God granted someone I cared deeply about many more years on earth. But during that season only one thing was certain…

There were no guarantees.

And so, a switch flipped. The preciousness of life hit me with the same veracity as the sting of a Polar Plunge. I maintained the habit of fresh flowers in my kitchen for years.  About a month ago I caught myself. I actually stopped in my kitchen and wondered, “When was the last time a bouquet of flowers sat here?” I couldn’t even remember! Had it been months? Years?

That did it.

The next day I purchased an inexpensive arrangement from the discount store. As soon as I got home they were trimmed and in the kitchen. They are LOVELY.  It seems like such a small thing but they add an element of  “isn’t life grand” to the grind of frying ground hamburger.

How about you? Is there “a little something” to do or add to your home that serves to remind you and those around you that life is beautiful?

  • Candies in a dish.
  • Photographs on the mantel of loved ones.
  • Iced tea ready to be poured and shared over conversation.
  • A scented candle that will always remind them of home.
  • Or maybe…fresh flowers.

There are little things we can do to make our dwelling special for ourselves and those we love. For me, its fresh flowers. They remind me of blessings and beauty. They let the sun in. Truly…they let the Son in.

Your DoAhead Friend,

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