Divine in the Grind


I was working on today’s post and I kept getting distracted.

Outlook would taunt me with notifications of new emails.

Facebook kept reminding me there were messages to read.

The phone would ring.

The kids would stop in (nice problem to have——when kids turn 18 and still want to sit and chat that’s always a good thing.)

Murph, the Shih Tzu, would stare me down and telepathically communicate, “I need to go potty.”

I kid you not. It was one of those days and I was certain my serving to you today would be an empty plate.  But then a funny thing happened. As I struggled to write I began to wonder if all the distractions were a distraction after all.

Jerry Jenkins stated in his book, Writing for the Soul, that when he can’t focus or is distracted he chooses to run with it.  His take on it is that something greater than he is at work. Wow. What a great piece of advice. I mean seriously, don’t we all have day’s that we should just run with it?

So here you go sweet DoAheads. This baby isn’t even close to the message I had planned to craft. But you know what? I like it. In fact, I like it better than what I had written previously.

Below you’ll see a gentleman who knows how to run with it!  I think getting on a treadmill qualifies as a grind but not for the fellow featured in the clip!  Like my friend in the video I like spicing up a mundane task (cleaning up the kitchen) with a little movement.  It’s not uncommon for my kiddos to find the music cranked and Mama doing the Salsa instead of making the salsa! (The Darlings will all attest they’ve been scarred for life.)

Today I’m praying  each of  you will  experience a touch of the inspiration this runner portrays…  inspiration in the day to day.  It may take the form of a peck on the cheek from a loved one, a word of affirmation from a co-worker, the satisfaction of a goal met, or the abiding knowledge of how precious you are to God. I am praying that today you find——

Divine in the Grind!

{Don’t skip the clip…it is precious!}


 “Live carefree before God, He is most careful with you.” 1 Peter 5:7 MSG

Your DoAhead Friend,

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