Labor Day Staycation


Labor Day weekend is a great opportunity to get away from home with the fam. It is also a wonderful time to hang out at home with the fam. Our tribe has done it both ways but lately ——–

We’ve been in STAYCATION mode.

The kids are older and busy with camps. Doc and I have had travel commitments. The bottom line is that it feels good to be home.  But there’s a risk. Even when the calendar has graced us with a day off it’s tempting to live life “business as usual”. And so I began to wonder what the upcoming weekend might hold for our family. I couldn’t help but think back to our family vacations. As I reminisced I came to an amazing conclusion. Aside from national parks and tourist attractions, the most cherished aspects of our family trips could easily be duplicated in our dwelling!

So here you go sweet DoAheads, our tribes five favorite things to do on vacation——-and each one is doable at home!

Five Faves for a Staycation

1. Unplug!

The hardest part of nearly every vacation is unplugging. That means phones, computers, emails, and news. Whether electronics are eliminated or dramatically reduced disconnecting the hardware is an imperative part of connecting the family.

2. Eat Fun Food!

I’m not sure what this says about us. Technically it probably doesn’t need to take the number two spot but there are certain foods we treat ourselves to on vacation. The crazy part? It’s all simple and just as easy to do at home but Jiffy Pop and Smores are sacred vacation staples.

3. Watch a movie or TV series.

We take twisted pride in knowing we’ve watched every single episode of Andy Griffith together. It took several summers but we’d eat our sacred food of choice and watch Barney in the camper late at night. Bodies would be in close proximity, consequently pillow fights and tickle tackle often ensued. If your kids are younger building a fort in the house and watching a movie together would be just as fun.

4. Engage in a physical activity.

Over the years we’ve gone swimming, rafting, hiking, biking and rock climbing.  It’s easy to pursue those activities when we leave town but why not see what the local community has to offer? We have an awesome outdoor paintball arena 20 miles away. That one is still on our bucket list.

5. Play games.

It doesn’t matter what age the children are, games are always an option. When they’re young, board games or travel games are the bomb (ever tried Rubber Neckers for when your on the road?) Tournaments or competitions are a great way to engage older kids. We like ping pong or paddle ball. Laser tag or an obstacle course would also be a terrific option. If the older kids are so inclined board games like Monopoly, Risk or Tripoli work too.

Doc and I deposited the eldest Darling in a dorm room last Friday. I’m still feeling like I’ve been punched in the gut. All I know, is his departure has increased my resolve to enjoy the peeps that are still under this roof.

How about you? If you and yours aren’t going away this weekend can you take one day or one night and turn it into a staycation?

If we don’t have the time or resources to get a way with those we love over Labor Day weekend let’s be intentional about being together in our own back yards!

{I checked out several resources when looking into other staycation ideas and I loved Ruth Soukups site! Check out her post on 25 Awesome Staycation Ideas}

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your DoAhead Friend!

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