He Whispers

He Whispers

The other day I was waiting at the doctors office with my son. I decided to kill a little time by scrolling through the photos on my phone. As I looked through the pictures, many of them elicited a pause in me. I felt as if I were seeing some of them for the first time. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t take them in with my eyes. I took them in with my ears.

With each photo I could hear Him whisper…

“By the way-I love you.”

Whisper one—–A tower of pumpkins that made me smile.

Pumpkins 2

Whisper two—– A box of crackers reminding me of my sweet mother-in-law.

Wasa bread 2

Whisper three—–The satisfaction of completing a home project with the family.

Landscape by Mailbox

Whisper four—–The waft of chocolate perfection when a bag of candy was opened.

Halloween candy 1

Whisper five—–The youngest asking if I wanted to go for a boat ride at sunset.

Boat ride with James 1

Whisper six—–The quote on my daughter’s wall as I lay on her bed wondering why I get to be her friend.

Qoute on Wall 2

Whisper seven—–The text received from the oldest who’s off at college.

Text from Matt 2

Whisper eight—–The feeling I get when this man smiles.


Pictures may be worth a thousand words but I only heard four…

“I love you Cindy.”

To be clear. God whispers to me in the hard and discouraging times too. His words are equally (if not more) powerful when life gets tough. It’s just that in recent weeks His whispers looked like, well——-


Text Messages.




Girl Talk.

How about you? Have you heard His whispers lately? This week let’s encourage each other to listen for the whispers and the many reasons we have to be grateful.

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Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. I love this post! I, too tend to take a lot of photos of love notes from God–but never realized that’s what I was doing. Thanks for putting a name to it! Thank you for linking up on Inspire Me Mondays :). I hope to see you again next week!

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