Winnebago (full of) Tomatoes

Tomatoes in Sink

I’m so busted.  I just wanted to find word that rhymed with tomato.

I tried a few combinations.

  • Lumbago Tomato- defined as a tomato that has a sore back.
  • Alfredo Tomato- defined as a white saucy tomato.
  • Waco Tomato- defined as a tomato from Texas.
  • Volcano Tomato- defined as a tomato that rotted and looks like it erupted in the garden.

Pretty much not working for me. So let’s go with today’ title. This fall we have had a Winnebago full of tomatoes. (Slight exaggeration but it makes a great word picture.) My sis and I garden together so we’ve been taking turns processing the little red orbs. She’s been dehydrating. It was an experimental venture this year but I think it worked. The jury is still out but I’ll let you know next summer what we thought of it.

Today I want to share a variant for prepping tomatoes for canning. Doc is half Italian so we eat pasta like most families eat toast. I love making homemade pasta dishes. Tomatoes stewed from the garden add a ton of taste. There’s just one problem: stewed tomatoes require a fair amount of slicing and dicing.

Tomatoes Cutting Board

One particular day I decided I needed new plan. We had a wedding to attend and I was running out of time.

I needed a silver bullet.

Good thing I had one. I quartered the tomatoes and then gently ran them through my magic bullet. By gently, I mean I didn’t puree them to death. I would run the mixer. Pause. Shake the contents and run it again. After three to four times the tomato contents were ready for cooking.

Tomatoes Magic Bullet

I wasn’t sure how they would turn out but I was remarkably pleased! The end result was similar to crushed tomatoes. (Stewed tomatoes will contain tomato pieces/chunks. Crushed tomatoes have much smaller pieces and “sliver’s of the tomato skin.)

The use of the Magic Bullet turned out to be a great alternative and incredibly helpful when time was short.

The tomato season is winding down here in the Dakotas but I thought this might help those of you who are still getting them and are ready process them more quickly (I’m thinkin’ the fun may have worn off by now!)

Check out these links for more details on stewing and canning your tomatoes!

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