Jewels Not Tools

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Many moons ago I sported nail tips. I loved the way they looked (still do). But I have also always enjoyed working outdoors. (Think Zsa Zsa Gabor and Green Acres. OK not really. I don’t wear a feather boa.) Bottom line it’s tough to garden and landscape all the while keeping the fingies in fine form.

Consequently, this past summer I got semi-hooked on Shellac Polish. Wow. It really sticks. I felt like I had found the best of both worlds. My nails stayed nice but so did the Black-Eyed Susan’s in my flower bed. There’s just one little problem with Shellac.

It does such a good job of staying on it can be hard to get off!

So today’s post is limited to a tip and link for removing the hard as nails polish. Here’s the tip:

DONT soak your nails in acetone.

Is it quicker? Yes. Is it healthy? No. If you and I were going to really go green the truth of the matter is we would shy away from it altogether. Acetone is a bad doobie. If however, we choose to go the shellac route let’s be smart about it and remove the polish with a cotton ball and foil.

Instead of reinventing the wheel I have a great link for you to visit that gives step by step instructions for the removal of shellac polish. There are a ton of video options out there but I enjoyed this particular link. She has a delightful British accent but you’ll need to disregard her mention of using pounds as your currency to make purchases!

She also gives the same advice a nail technician gave me years ago…the best way to have nice nails is to treat them like jewels not tools!

Shellac Polish 1

 Tutorial for Removal of Shellac Polish

Check it out girlfriends and enjoy that manicure…just make sure you enjoy the added benefits of careful removal!

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