Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Mt. RushMore by Cody Clem

Did you know that “Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.” is a sentence?

My fifteen year old son shared this amazing bit of trivia with me just this week.
In fact, if you like, you can take it a step further. Try this:

“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

This is a sentence. I know this because my son and I argued about it (Ahem, I mean had an intelligent conversation about it.) He was quick to access online sources and prove me wrong. (I hate it when that happens.)

Before I knew it I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. I’m not even sure why. Could be one of three reasons:

1. The next time a fifteen year old boy accosts you and and demands to know the correct answer for “Is ‘Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo’ a sentence?” YOU can answer correctly.

2. There are buffalo in South Dakota and I want you to come visit us (me and the buffalo).

3. I have the coolest picture ever of a buffalo from South Dakota and I’ve been dying to share it with you. This was the perfect lead in.

So——how ’bout I share the amazing buffalo photo?

While I’m at it I’ll share a few other pics of the winsome, spacious sometimes eerily beautiful South Dakota.


Buffalo by KrisCk

 Photo Credit: KrisCk

Barn by Alisa Doolan

Photo Credit: Alisa Doolan

Chris LaRive Crow Creek

Photo Credit: Chris LaRive

Les Heiserman Devils Bathtub Spearfish

Photo Credit: Les Heiserman


Photo Credit: Black Hills Tourism FaceBook

Regheg Yok

Photo Credit: Regheg Yok

Aren’t those pretty?

I love South Dakota (almost as much as I love all you). I think for today’s DoAhead Destination you should come visit, then I can have the best of both!

In the event a trip to SoDak isn’t in your near future you can see more amazing pictures on the Black Hills Tourism Facebook page. (Photo credits go to Cody Clem for the stunning featured picture of Mt. Rushmore.)

Your SoDak DoAhead Friend,

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