Push Pause…Gratitude in the Moment

Outdoor Fall flowers 1

Intentional gratitude for the things and people from our past was the subject of last week’s DoAhead Devo.

How did you do?

Were you able to snatch a few moments to look back and give thanks?

If your week was insane and you’re thinking, “I was supposed to do what?” I get it. I SO get it. Let’s give each other a hall pass if that’s the way the week shook out. But at the same time let’s not give up cultivating thankfulness.

Cultivate means to promote or improve the growth of something. I like that. I can do that. I’ll bet you can too. With that thought in mind I say we plant seeds for harvesting gratitude in the moment.

I’ve been working on it this the past week and do you know what surprised me?

How much fun it was!

Oh sure, there were a few days I needed that hall pass. But there were other moments that I stopped.

I saw, I touched, I smelled and I experienced gratitude.

Do you know what else surprised me? I encountered a giddy kind of joy from the insignificant and unpretentious.

Fearless Fife.JPG

The thermometer hanging in Doc’s shop.

Farm Equipment 1

Living in a part of the world where guys like these are my bumper buddy.

Hummer Tire

Big ‘ol dirty tires on my young man’s truck.

Outdoor Fall flowers 1

Outdoor fall flowers that welcome me home.

One day I was particularly “snap happy” with my camera. I laughed to myself as I thought how silly I must look.

It occurred to me that I probably resembled Raymond Babbitt from the movie Rain Man. (If you’ve never seen Rain Man put it on your “winter night movies to watch”  list. Dustin Hoffman starred in the film. The film won four Oscars in 1989, including Best Actor for Hoffman’s portrayal of the autistic savant.)

Raymond carries a camera and is constantly taking pictures. At the conclusion of the film, ending credits reveal the photos he took. The pictures gives us a glimpse into the heart of Raymond and what mattered to him. The images were seemingly inconsequential and yet incredibly poignant.

And so that was me——–me and my “Raymond rendition”, snapping away at tons of the “tiny’s” that made me smile.

All I had to do was push pause.

Sweet DoAheads, I hope that this week you can take a few moments and do likewise.

  • Leave the laundry. It will be there tomorrow.
  • Don’t do dishes. Honest. Sometimes it’s Okay to have a sink full of dirty dishes.
  • Bag the basketball game. If you’re running to your umpteenth activity for the week ask yourself if its an option to pass and PAUSE.

If you can take the time to push pause…WONDERFUL! But remember; you don’t need to journal, take pictures, mix up your schedule, or neglect household chores to be grateful. I’ll repeat last week’s post;

Gratitude requires one thing…

A Grateful Heart.

Next week DoAhead Devo will talk about thankfulness from another perspective. We’ll explore lending a forward focus to our attitude of gratitude. Be sure and pop over this Wednesday for DoAhead Dining. Fantabulous pointers for cooking the perfect Turkey for your Holiday meal will be at your disposal!

Oh, and guess what! We get to link up with Angie Ryg’s Inspire Me Monday today.

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Let’s start linking and living large on this Inspire Me Monday!

Your DoAhead Friend, 


  1. I do this a lot, Cindy… But I use my own virtual camera with my hands, as a means to try to keep the moment stuck in my little ‘ole brain. It works! Loving the reminder to push pause on this busy Monday morning. Thank you for your inspiring words!

  2. What a beautiful space you have here! I am designing (not me, but someone else is designing) a new website for myself this week and I love yours. Beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration as well. I’m glad I found you through Inspiring Mondays, and will be checking out your other posts. Blessings to you!

    • Oh Robyn how excitng! Designing your “home” in cyberspace is work but so gratifying! I can’t wait to see your house when its done! Thanks for hopping over…have a fantabulous day!

  3. I started a gratitude journal last week of all the gifts that God gives me–I am incredibly blessed in so many ways.

    • Isn’t it funny Anita how being intentional matters? I don’t know about you but sometimes it seems that “life” can get in the way of the important stuff! Have a great day Anita!

  4. I love this and so enjoy taking pictures … and lots of them!!

    Bless you for co-hosting this link up!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I enjoyed every minute of your post. I love The Andy Griffith Show, so seeing Barney Fife made me giggle. He’s hilarious! I’ve been snap happy too. I’m taking part of a Gratitude Challenge and I am suppose to snap a picture of one thing a day that makes me thankful! I’ve had to have a pass on some days. But, that’s life! We just have to hit the pause button, breathe, remind ourselves we are thankful, and move on forward. I am going to follow your blog and friend you on Facebook, so I don’t miss any of your gratitude series!

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