Best. Ham. Ever.


This is the time of year for traditions. Christmas traditions may revolve around a number of things.  Many families employ traditions that pertain to gift giving (the youngest goes first.) Some families are particular about their decorations…Christmas isn’t Christmas unless the tree has blue lights.

Our family? Well, our tradition has to do with food of course!

Years ago my mother served the most incredible Christmas Ham. By her own admission, there wasn’t an art to how she cooked it. Nope, it was just darn good ham.

Christmas tradition for our tribe? It’s all about the ham. The brand? John Morrell EZ Cut Bone-In Ham.

I’m telling ya’ DoAheads. This is the best ham ever! It’s important to note this is not a sweet ham. I’ve had honey baked hams and they are indeed delicious. The EZ cut is not such a ham its just——well, ham! Here’s a link for where to find a store near you that sells the EZ cut.

My one word of advice. Start looking now. They tend to go quick. If you’re not careful you’ll end up looking like I have in Holiday’s past, me and Jamie Lee Curtis that is.

Good luck and Godspeed sweet DoAheads.

Your {Ham Happy} DoAhead Friend,

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