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Oyster Soup Xmas

Social media is an awesome tool! I recently asked the question on Facebook, “Do you have a traditional meal on Christmas Eve, if so…what?”

Too. Much. Fun.

I heard many ideas and traditions. I had pre-determined that “the winner” would be featured in today’s DoAhead Dining. However, what I did not see coming was a cherished tradition in the form of a recipe that I do not think I could EVER eat.

Oyster Stew.

Hands down, Oyster Stew was the favored family tradition for Christmas Eve. Time to be honest friends—— I cannot fathom swallowing an oyster. In South Dakota we do these:


 Not these:


Just to be clear. These:


Not these:

Oyster on Ice

All kidding aside, I think what my little survey revealed is that it is in fact I that shy’s from the Oyster Stew. And so I’m making good on my promise. Today’s post will feature links for three Oyster Stew recipes. I can’t provide one myself (for obvious reasons) but I did the research and I believe these recipes would do you and your family right.

My tribe is a fan of Emeril Lagasse. Maybe its the way he says, “Bam!” (I say “Bam!” too.) Maybe it’s because my brother-in-law uses Emeril’s recipes (or variations there of) and we have never tasted food as good as what my BIL can cook.

Whatever the case, it seemed only fitting to make the first Oyster Stew link a credit to Emeril. If you want a zippier Oyster Stew this looks like the recipe of choice. It features a dash of Cayenne and Garlic. Click on the link below his photo for a printable recipe.

Emeril-Lagasse 1

{Photo Courtesy Google Images}

Emeril Lagasse’s Oyster Stew Recipe

This next link is one I found through Taste of the South. They’ve got tips for what I thought looked like a great soup. The recipe is graced with cheese and everything is better with cheese. Click on the link below for your printable recipe.


 {Photo Courtesy}

Golden Oyster Stew Recipe

Last but not least I found a simple, three ingredient recipe for Oyster Stew. This one is from  It appears to be shared from one family to another. Click here for the Dovel Family Oyster Stew.

A final sidebar: even my friends on FB acknowledged that not everyone in their family ate Oyster Stew. Common additions to their meal included another soup variation (Chili or Potato) and/or Sammies (I’m thinking Panini’s would be tasty!). A few folks added a pizza to their meal.

Whatever your choice of recipe, I hope you’re able to enjoy your Christmas Eve with family and friends!


Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. I just started enjoying oysters last year! So you never know Cindy! They could grow on ya!

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