Chicken Lickin’ Good

Pesto Chicken 1

For six months I’ve been hearing my sis’ say, “You’ve got to try this recipe!” It’s from a favored website (I’ll get you the link shortly.) She’s made it several times so I think she’s worked through a few kinks.

Confession…I still haven’t made it. BUT I ate it. Guess what? It was every bit as delicious as she said it would be. My sweet sis’ made it for us last week. I don’t want you to have to wait for the recipe until I make it so I’m sharing the link today. I’ll include a few sidebars that you may find helpful!

The recipe is from (It’s funny, the only other time I’ve shared a direct link from DoAhead for a recipe was with this site! Check out Zesto it’s Pesto.)

Today’s recipe is for Mozzarella Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breasts. This bad boy consists of tenderized chicken breast stuffed with (you guessed it) cheese and pesto. All good, but I swear half of it’s numminess (spell check is trying to tell me that “numminess” is not a word. I disagree.) comes from the panko bread crumbs that coat the chicken. If you follow the link it will take you straight to the recipe.

A couple things to consider:

1. The recipe calls for flattening (beating) the chicken breast prior to filling. Be wary of where you swing your “hammer”. My sis laughed as she relayed the near-miss of a swing that almost took out a kitchen shelf.

2. Be mindful of how full you stuff each breast…it’s easy for the rolled breast to lose its contents. Still tastes amazing, just not as pretty.

3. Toothpicks will help keep the chicken breast rolled, just remind guests to remove them once the chicken has been plated.

We ate our chicken rolls with a side of rotini. A bite of chicken with a bite of pasta.

Hmm, Mmm, good.

Next week marks the beginning of the month of looooveee…and chocolate…and an excuse for me to share some of my favorite chocolate recipes (of which there are many.)

Until then let’s fill up on a little more protein and enjoy this tantalizing taste of chicken.

Your DoAhead Friend,

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