Help for the Hunt

Beginning a Hunt-Pooh

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Doing Ahead  involves focusing on the future and there is not a better time of the year than now!

This past week I’ve been sharing quotes that inspire me with regards to the New Year. Today’s quote may be my favorite. Once again, I chose words of wisdom from Pooh. There’s something about his illogical logic that is so {Hmmm. What’s the word? Think. Think. Think.}, so relevant.

Bring your coffee and five minutes of your time on Monday and we’ll chat more about our dreams for the future. But in the meantime take Pooh’s wisdom to heart and ask yourself——–

Who would you ask to help you determine what you are looking for?

Three cheers to the New Year!

Looking forward to happy hunting with you on Monday!

Your DoAhead Friend,




  1. I’ll be there!

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