Birthday Card 1

Mercy Me. I’m not a fan of The Walking Dead. However, the past couple of weeks have left me believing our tribe would be in the running if the show ever did a casting call in South Dakota.

“Crud” re-visited our home and my zombie-like state left me desperate in the arms of Larry the Talking Bird.

Larry the Talking Bird

 (Image: Courtesy Google)

{Don’t judge. Doc was out of town. Kids were at school. Larry made for decent company.} {Did you know if you record “Feel better soon” and Larry says it back, it really does make you feel better?}


My planning self wanted to stick to the schedule and post a recipe today. After all…Wednesday’s is DoAhead Dining.

But here’s the thing, I had a post ready to share on Monday and not sharing it felt like having an amazing dessert stuck in a purgatory called blog drafts. You can only pass up dessert so many times (even if its just in your head). No, this baby needed to be published——-today. Here’s the post I wanted to share two days ago.

Best Birthday Card E.V.E.R.

Before I let fingers fly over the keyboard I need to write something of a disclaimer. My heart tugs at my head with concern that my DoAhead sisters will think I’m all braggy about the birthday card Doc gave me. Not true.

No, today’s share is about me wanting desperately to speak something into your heart that a lil’ ol’ card on the kitchen counter spoke to mine. Read on friend. I have a feeling this card was for you.

It read:

 “Being the wonderful wife and mother you are takes a lot of energy and a lot of work.

I’m amazed at how you give so much of yourself day after day.

With your good, generous spirit you fill our lives with light.

And that tremendous heart you put into everything is a blessing to us all.”


He. Noticed.

That thought resonated deep in my heart.

I propped it in a place of honor on the kitchen counter. I went back to read it again. {Who am I kidding? I went back to it at least three more times.} I caught myself, “What gives? Why is this so important to me Lord?”

Then I remembered a scene from one of my favorite books (The Sacred Romance~Brent Curtis & John Eldredge).

It was of a little boy riding his rocking horse. He invited his father into his world of chasing bandits and corralling evil. The two-year-old said to his Dad (Curtis) “Watch me!”

Curtis stated, “Luke wanted what we all want—to play our part, to live our lives before the eyes of another. Actually, he wanted more than simple recognition. He wanted praise, admiration, applause—in short he wanted glory.”


Good gravy. “Is that what this is about? Do I want glory Lord?”

My knee jerk reaction was to apologize, pricked with the desire to ask forgiveness for lack of humility. {Besides, it seemed weird to think about glory while I wiped sticky cider off the kitchen floor.}

Curtis continued, “How could it be otherwise? We are created in the image of God, or more precisely, as a reflection of the Trinity.” And then he states, “…the Trinity is community and so to be made in its image means we are relational at our core.” “We were made for glory, for the attention that the Trinity gives to each other, and we can’t live without it.”


The meanderings in my mind were getting deep. I needed to chew on these thoughts way more than my Orbit gum. How about you?

Have you ever wondered why it matters so much to matter?

I have. As secure as I am in who I am and even more importantly whose I am, I still wonder.

And then I get a birthday card that reminds me.

Being noticed isn’t nice…it’s necessary.

It is an intimacy we all desire. It’s an honest admission of our need to be understood and loved just the way we are. Being noticed is about being in a relationship.

Here’s where it can get tricky. The truth is, if we’re not careful we may be tempted to seek praise and admiration in unhealthy ways from unhealthy sources. In the end, those means never satisfy. I know…I’ve tried.

Don’t get me wrong, the card from Doc blessed my socks off. You can bet it’s going in the top drawer of my nightstand.

But…there’s only one source of true glory.

It comes through the person of Jesus Christ.

It leaves you humbled and nearly broken once you sense how deeply you’re loved.  It’s a paradoxical glory that lifts your spirits high as your knees drop low—and you scrub cider off the kitchen floor of a home located in an underpopulated state.

No one else is present.

Not a single soul is around.

But you experience GLORY.

Tears run as you ponder the fact that the God of the Universe is crazy insane about you. It’s a beautiful, intimate moment because your heavenly Father leans down and whispers, “I love you. And by the way, I notice.”

He notices.

He notices you and I.

  • He knows when we rise and rest.
  • He knows when we falter and fail.
  • He knows when we hunger and hurt.
  • He knows when we manage and master.
  • He knows when we just need to know…He knows.

And so that’s where I landed this grand birthday.  A moment alone in the kitchen, hair pony-tailed, dishtowel draped over my shoulders, muffin crumbs at my feet, cider sticking to my socks, acknowledging a birthday card that reminded me God acknowledges me.

So. Very. Grateful.

May we all be encouraged in the truth that He knows us, loves us and wants more than anything for us to live life believing it.

“I stood there saved—surprised to be loved!” 2 Samuel 22:20

“Heart-shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.” Psalm 51:17 MSG

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