But for you…

Footsteps in the Sand 1

Have you ever read a book that you can’t get out of your head?  The scene for me came from an unexpected source at an unexpected time.

I hit my elliptical this morning. {No really. I hit it. I’d hoped it would expel my frustration over a piece of equipment that’s taunted me over my lack of use. Kidding. Kind of.}

I pushed start and saw this…

Fuel Your Life

As I listened to this…

And saw this over my shoulder…


And then I thought of this…

Lineage of Grace

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A dear friend gave me Francine Rivers book, Lineage of Grace. Not gonna lie…it was parked in the cemetery of books called my nightstand for far too long. (I always tell myself I’ll read for a few minutes when I go to bed. I have learned that once I’m horizontal my brain shifts to sleep mode nearly as fast as my untouched computer screen.)

A year ago I blew the dust off the book. I loved it. (How can you not like a Francine Rivers book?)  In it, she tells the individual stories of five women; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary-the mother of Jesus.

Each narrative was riveting but it was Mary’s story that meant the most to me. Her husband Joseph was no longer in the picture and she was left in the care of her eldest son Jesus, as well as her younger sons. River’s captures what daily life could have been like in Mary’s home.

As Jesus’ ministry grew the family experienced change. Roles had to be re-defined, relationships turned on end, pressures from the community dealt with, and of course the internal conflict of how to relate to Jesus. Was he a brother, a son…the son of God?

I identified with Mary on so many levels. Mercy…the things we can let ourselves worry about when we take it upon ourselves to keep a family “glued” together! But in the end it wasn’t Mary’s struggles that permanently parked in my cranium. No. It was her road to freedom.

She followed Jesus. Literally, she left her home and followed Jesus.

And then a funny thing happened. The burdens she carried were lifted. They played themselves out in the path she took behind Jesus. Sibling tensions were resolved when she stopped worrying about making everyone get along.

Neighborhood issues fell away and took on needed perspective as her feet felt the caress of each footprint she stepped into.

She followed Jesus and eventually her family followed her. She sought Christ for herself and without even meaning to… revealed Him to her other sons as well as those around her.

The take away for this DoAhead Woman? I make it too hard sometimes. I fret, worry, mediate, boss, manipulate…and eventually remember to pray. But really only one thing is needed.

One person is needed.

May these eight words from my little work-out song take root in my head, my hands, my heart, and my feet.

If you’re not still listening to my friend George and his whimsical tune, consider clicking play again. I’m going to. Together let’s feel the squish of the sand beneath our feet as we step in Jesus’ steps…and follow.

But for you


I’d Leave it all

Your DoAhead Friend,


  1. Cindy I loved this! You write beautifully and smacked me with some good thinking material. I too am a worrier. My husband says I over think – everything!! I plan and work and fret and in the end, God reminds me, He has the plan. Good to meet you friend from #livefree Thursday!

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