Those Ain’t Pants

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Today’s DoAhead Diva shares a tidbit on fashion with a funny twist. I’m taking 5 minutes (one minute for the time it will take to read this and four minutes to hear from our friend Anita) to give pause to the cause of “legging re-evaluation”.

The truth is leggings are everywhere. I have them. My daughter has them. My neighbor has them. The gal at the grocery checkout has them.

And you know what? I. Love. Them.

I also love it when my bum and other peoples bums are covered. Enter the long top or tunic. But not everyone sees it that way.

I’m not gonna lie, I have a nearly 19 year old daughter who has pushed the envelope of what I’m comfortable with. My modest and conscientious girl is athletic. Track and dance commitments often find her in form fitting attire.

I get it. I really do. Athletes, dancers, gymnasts and the like, stretch the limits of their bodies to accomplish incredible feats. Their god-given abilities are a delight to watch! Hours of rehearsal in fitted leggings or tights or an afternoon at the track field in short shorts aren’t only appropriate they’re just plain helpful! But today’s fashion rules make it easy to walk from the dance studio to the gas station without a second thought.

Most of the planet doesn’t spend their days on the track and field, in the studio or on the gymnastics mat. When a girl or woman enters the public domain in said attire well, it’s possible some poor fella’ isn’t wondering if she made the high jump, hit her landing on the beam, or pulled off a flawless pirouette.

My humble take on it is that there’s a time and place for certain clothing items. If you’re not in agreement with me please know I’m the kind of girlfriend that still wants to do lunch. I hope you feel the same. I’ll close up this little fashion post by letting Anita do the talking.

Thanks to my sweet daughter for giving me permission to share these thoughts. Thanks Anita for weighing in with humor. And thanks to you dear DoAhead for stopping by today. Hope you have a grand weekend!

Your (bum-covered, legging wearing) DoAhead Friend,


  1. In agreement sweet friend and lunch would be great 🙂 HEHE

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