Put Up Your Dukes

TaeKwondo Fist 1

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch anybody more than in that moment. My systolic pressure rose nearly as quickly as the blood that spurt from son’s decimated lip.

I should have been more tolerant of the offending kick. After all, we signed up for this. Let me explain.

I love martial arts. It looks so nifty in the movies.

In my younger days I watched Chuck Norris. Then of course there was Bruce Lee. Before you know it, Matrix was on the scene taking cool moves to a whole new level.

Yeah baby… Martial arts.

Me and my chicks.

Move over Matrix.

So there you have it. My epiphany that I and my three small children should learn Tae Kwando. Once a week we donned our Luke Skywalker suits and bravely headed to class.

Isn’t it funny how some things are theoretically a really great idea? But then a cocky teenager kicks your kid in the face and you realize you are in earnest jeopardy of breaking a very serious commandment.

Talk about wanting to put my dukes up.

That was many years ago. Today there are moments that I’d give anything to worry about bloody lips. The older they get the more I worry about bloodied hearts and broken spirits.

The years have taught me that a fighting mother battles best by laying her gloves down.

It’s hard to fold fisted hands.

I can’t remember when I first read The Power of a Praying Parent. I only know that its dog-eared, high-lighted and tear stained pages testify to the wars waged on behalf of my kids.

Hard to believe that I’m in a new era. The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children discreetly made its way to my quiet-time basket a week ago. The kids don’t know it but their mama fights for them. Every. Single. Day.

It’s true. I’ve put my dukes up by laying my gloves down. Because I’ve learned that when my hands are folded the enemy knows…

The. Gloves. Are. Off.

“Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord. Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children.” Lamentations 2:19

Your DoAhead Friend,

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  1. Wonderfully said Cindy! And powerful when we put into practice! Many times I should have spent less time talking/ venting and more time praying! ❤️

  2. You and me both girl…you and me both!

  3. Wisely put. Instead of close fisted, may our hands be palms up to the One who will fight for us. Blessings!

  4. Ah yes…not only folded hands but hands lifted in praise. Love it!

  5. We are mama tigers when our kids get hurt, aren’t we. Well said. It definitely seems I spend more time in prayer for my young adult and teenage kids, than I did when they were little. The stakes are higher now. —BTW, I am working on my first website, and I really love the look of yours! I love the flower icons. Very nice.

    • So true about when they get older is it not?! Excited for you about your website. So much work but so much fun! I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for stopping over Robyn. Have a great day!

  6. Ah, it’s so hard to lay the gloves down (or put the claws away) when Mama Bear threatens to take over our bodies! But you’re right–it’s in focusing on prayer that the real victory is won!

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