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The need…the itch…the yearning…the whatever you want to name the call to spring clean continues to resonate loud and clear in me. In an effort to honor the siren of the cleaning goddess I decided to share a cute tip I found on line for helping the little’s (and sometimes not so little’s) do their part in keeping the home in order.

Poems are a great way to communicate rules or principles that make a house run well. The featured photo in today’s post is a poem that sits in the bathroom off our swimming pool.

We enjoy having family, friends and guests stay with us. But the first time one of my guests used a cute Mickey Mouse towel to dry himself off in the shower I decided I needed a polite way to let folks know there were nicer bath towels in the cupboard above. Enter my home poem.

Well the home poem listed below is NOT my idea, but I wish it was. (I also wish I could tell you where it came from but there were no credits with the photo!) Here’s the perfect prose for helping kids keep their things picked up:

You left it out…Mom picked it up.

She’s got your stuff…you’re out of luck.

To get it back…you must do a chore.

Again it’s yours…just like before!

How cute is that?! It’s the perfect poem to attached to an empty tub for collecting items the peeps have left scattered. You can always post examples of chores or other ideas for getting the “towed away” items back.

Do you have any home poems you use to keep things running smoothly for your tribe? Do tell! If you don’t, and would like to craft one but you’re not sure how, check out the RhymeZone website. It’s a terrific tool for creating a personalized poem!

Come back Wednesday for DoAhead Dining! I’ll be sharing links for favorite holiday recipes as well as a tantalizing Mandarin Orange Jello salad that is the perfect pairing for a beautiful Easter Dinner!

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  1. How come I haven’t thought of making a home poem myself? This is brilliant. Hmmm. Let me compose mine. 😀

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