Humdidity Please!

Humidifier 2

Well the title’s not a typo. My Dad would often mix up sounds in words to be silly. I decided that was a much better title than my first candidate, “How to Get Steamy in a Hotel Room.” Yeah. Not good.

Here’s the deal…I think most hotel rooms are in the running for an arid environment comparable to any given desert.  I have yet to spend a night in a hotel that I don’t awake horribly dehydrated.

Flashback to this past fall. My sis and I took a trip to Asheville, NC. Business was combined with pleasure. We crossed an item off our bucket list with a trip to Biltmore Mansion.

It was fantastic. The less than fantastic leg of the journey was the five night stay in hotels. I convinced my sis to take me to the corner of health and happiness where I bought the cheapest humidifier I could find. They were on sale so my monetary expenditure was minimal.

However, the manual labor expended hauling the thing from car to hotel, hotel to car three different times was another story. Because my sis is the good sport she is, she only laughed about the ordeal. Little did I know the event was fertilizer for the perfect travel gift.

Christmas soon approached and under the tree was a thoughtful and incredibly practical gift from her…a portable humidifier!

If you click on the pic below you can see it action.

Did you hear that? I’m guessing not. That’s because this bad boy is SO quiet! Doc and I were groupies for our kid’s out of state show choir competition this past weekend. You can bet we had this baby running.

The only DoAhead required to make this work is to make sure you have a bottle of water available. Most hotels have a vending machine so if you forget to pack a bottle you’ll still be in luck.

Three cheers for this little gem and the oasis it provides in the arid realm of hotel-dom!

Your DoAhead Friend,

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