Worry Wart

Worried Woman 1

I have a wart that’s a bugger.

It. Will. Not. Die.

It’s been with me so long I’ve given her a name. Wilma doesn’t take up much real estate. She’s just a dot on the knuckle of my thumb. But she more than makes up for her lack of space consumption with her ability to devour my time, energy and thought.

I’ve politely asked her to leave but alas, no go. Literally. Wilma refuses to leave.

The crazy thing is that on several occasions I was certain I had successfully removed the stubborn tenant. I’d burn, peel, cut and use every over-the-counter wart removal product available.

FINALLY! Smoooooth skin. Wilma had moved on!

Or so I thought.

Personal experience has taught me that it only takes a tiny (in fact, microscopic) wart particle to remain behind until before long a full-blown, scabby resident is occupying space on my thumb again.

I’m convinced that whoever coined the phrase “worry wart” knew exactly what they were talking about. A tiny seed of worry in our lives can quickly bloom into an ugly blotch. If we’re not careful it can become so large it will disfigure our perspective and deface our joy. The only true remedy I’ve ever found for worry is trust.

There’s just one problem.

I don’t always trust God.

I’m ashamed to admit it but deep down I fall prey to the lie that God isn’t in control. Or worse…He’s in control, He’s just not on my side!

How about you? Do you ever have trouble trusting God?

When my worry warts resurface the best remedy I know is to ask God to help me:

  • Replace the lies that inevitably accompany worry with the truth of His word.
  • Refrain from conversation with family and friends and direct my conversation heavenward in prayer.
  • Refocus my thoughts and channel them in worship towards the creator that eclipses the worries I take on or manufacture.

I wish I could tell you that these disciplines have permanently delivered me from worry. I’m not sure I’ll ever get rid of the seed. I go through seasons of trust but inevitably worry makes its way back.  She parks in me like an embryonic being that needs only time and circumstance to grow again.

I’ve wondered if, like Paul, worry is my thorn. After all, most of us have a thing or two that we plead with God to remove from our lives. Then again, maybe it’s far more pragmatic than that. My Dad was a worrier. Am I genetically wired to worry? Who knows!

But for whatever reason I’m not sure I care about origins or etiology anymore. The older I get the less convinced I am it really matters.

What matters is this…

My tendency to worry has granted me innumerable opportunities to learn that I continually need to——




my thoughts.  All those “r’s” take me to a place of sweet communion with my heavenly father and that is a wonderful thing.

Each time he said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 2 Cor. 12:9

“I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace.” John 16:33

What is one thing you could do to worry less this week?

  1. Replace a lie with truth from His word?
  2. Talk to Him before you talk to others about your concerns?
  3. Channel your precious energy towards thoughts of praise and worship?

Live Free 3

If you’d like to be inspired by more women learning to live worry free, link up with Suzie Eller’s #livefree community!

Your (still learning not to worry) DoAhead Friend,


  1. This is both funny and filled with truth! Now I will imagine worry as that wart, those little seeds trying to surface back up when I least expect it! Love this image, Cindy!

  2. Kasey Hanson says:

    I stopped over from Suzie’s #livefree linkup. I really enjoyed this and related very quickly. Thank you for giving me practical ideas to tackle my own Wilma. Thanks!

  3. Cindy, I have lots of those worry “warts” too. Thanks for your encouragement today on #livefree.

  4. You have such a fun way of talking about worry! I relate to being honest that I don’t always trust God. I know that He CAN, I have no doubt. Sometimes, I struggle with wondering if He Will!

    • So glad you stopped over Mary Lou! It’s true isn’t it? The wondering. I know for me the journey is one of trust. I’m certain of this…I have no clue how wide and deep is his love is for us. But I’m also certain that every day I have breath I have the opportunity to witness it more and more. A lifetime on this earth will never be enough to capture the breadth of it. I’ll be praying we BOTH grow in our knowledge of it and no doubt that will only lead to more trust and less worry! Have a wonderful day dear lady! 🙂

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