Crazy Town

Crazy Mama

Disclaimer. If the term Crazy Town is offensive to you do not read this post. The phrase is about to be used prolifically. Life around here has been crazy!  Note the photographic evidence above (the woman with frenzied, frazzled hair and moon eyes from maniacal laughter is me.)

Ya’ll know I get high on DoAheads. I thought I’d done ahead enough to keep up with the crazy life I love here at North Harmon while still keeping up with the crazy life that happens when a crazy women commits to writing about her crazy life several times a week.

I. Was. Wrong.

In recent days friends and family have heard me utter repeatedly, “Yeah, we’re livin’ in crazy town right now.”

Sitting here with you is therapeutic. If I close my eyes I imagine we’re across from one another in a quaint, local bistro. Even if we only have ten minutes to spend together I’ll consider the time (no matter how small) a gift!

So girlfriends…may I tell you what’s up with our tribe?


The Missus is a Senior this year so this was her last “ball”. Can you say bittersweet?

Prom photo for Blog

We’ve watched her transition from “tomboy” (antiquated term I know) to an energetic, joy-filled, young woman.

Silly Tay 2

Mercy, it goes by quick.

I’m not sure what “prom protocol” looks like around your parts but here it’s not uncommon for the Moms and Pops to come together and host a dinner for the kiddos.

The tradition saves money (no expensive dining out) and there’s fun for all as the group of friends (and their families) gather for a meal.

Last year I hosted our son’s prom dinner. Fortunately, I had kept the decorative items. Rounding them up and putting the table together for our daughter’s dinner was a snap. It looked like this:

Prom Table Final

Nothing over the top but the vases and plumes were eye catching. (Better yet…they were affordable. Can you say “Thank you Hobby Lobby!”) Letters that spelled out PROM graced the center. In addition, metallic votives harboring lit candles rested between the vases.

Prom Table Final 2

Name cards were accompanied by small boxes that contained mints and dark chocolate. (Do you like the way I used PicMonkey to make it look like there was Kryptonite in the favor boxes instead of dark chocolate? Of course for me, dark chocolate IS Kryptonite.)

Prom Table Favors 2

Parents contributed to the menu and a delicious buffet was enjoyed by all. (Aren’t you glad you weren’t being photographed while eating?)


Clean up was a snap. My DoAhead will be complete once I pack up the decorative items and have them ready for “the baby’s” prom next year!

Prom Decor 1

Touching base with you and posting a few pics has given me a chance to step back from the crazies and breathe.


Graduation for our Miss is just around the corner. If I can get my DoAhead’s in order you’ll be hearing from me just like always. If you don’t…it means one of two things:

Thing #1 means:

My “Undone’s” outranked and outnumbered my DoAheads (ie. The realities of choosing to never scrapbook are bearing down on me like a mid-western tornado.) (If you tell me you’ve been scrap booking since your children were in utero I’m not sure we can be friends.)

Thing #2 means:

I may have to avert the time I would spend having coffee with you toward “having coffee” with a therapist. (Crazy Town may evolve into a full-blown meltdown. Last year our son graduated from high school. Experience has taught me——– it’s an emotional roller coaster.)

If, in the next few weeks, my time on the DoAhead blog gets sporadic I hope you’ll pop over to DoAhead’s Facebook page. You’ll find scripture and words of encouragement “over there”. After all, there’s something healing and invigorating about navigating Crazy Town with someone else.

Care to join me? 🙂

Your (livin’ in Crazy Town) DoAhead Friend,

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