Enough is Enough

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My tribe is in a “thing” right now. I know you’ve been there too. Heck, maybe you’re there right now. It’s the kind of thing that as my daughter says, “seems surreal.” We’ve asked ourselves, “Can this really be happening?” I could tell you what the “thing” is but then you might be tempted to quit reading because you’ve never done that kind of a “thing” before.

But my guess is you have. We all have.

These things can look very different. But most families have gone through one type or another:







There are a lot of “things” out there. Of course the hardest is death. Loss of a loved one. All these things can seem surreal. It’s just not normal.

I don’t know about you but I don’t jump out of my DoAhead bed in the morning thinking “Oh, I can’t wait to tackle ________________” (Feel free to fill in the thing you are dealing with.)

It’s just not right. You and I both know it. And so does someone else.

The things I’ve mentioned (and the many I’ve overlooked) were never a part of God’s mighty and marvelous plan for our lives. And yet, we live in a broken world do we not?

Spouses wound us.

Employers undermine us.

Bodies fail us.

Loss consumes us.

Good gravy. I’m a woman who tends to see life from the upside but darn it all…sometimes the downside overtakes us.

That’s when I cry…


I take tremendous comfort in knowing God gets that. He knows my breaking point and He knows it intimately.

There’s a beautiful story in 2 Samuel that serves as proof positive God understands “breaking points.”

God’s sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) children, the people of Israel, had been bad doobies. (A consistent theme in their lives.) (Ahem, mine as well.)

“Once again God’s anger blazed out against Israel.” 2 Samuel 24:1

One of God’s most cherished sons (King David) had opted to take a census of his army. Oh David. Have we not all been there? How easy it is to trust in the chariots and horses parked in our garages as opposed to the strong arm of the Lord.

David knew he’d made a mistake.

“But when it was all done, David was overwhelmed with guilt because he had counted the people, replacing trust with statistics.” He continued, “God forgive my guilt——–I’ve been really stupid.” 2 Samuel 24:10

Here’s where it gets interesting. The fallout of David’s misguided choices (I know I’ve experienced fallout from my misguided choices.) was God’s reprimand. God, in His mercy, allowed David to choose the consequence from one of three options.

  1. Three years of famine
  2. Three months of running from enemies
  3. Three days of an epidemic

Listen to David’s response,

“They’re all terrible! But I’d rather be punished by God, whose mercy is great, than fall into human hands.” 2 Samuel 24:14

Pause button. The take away here isn’t that our “thing” is punishment or natural consequences.  I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. Clergy and counselors wiser than I help folks like me (and maybe you) navigate those tough questions.

No, the take away is what happened next.

“So God let loose an epidemic from morning until suppertime. From Dan to Beersheeba seventy thousand people died. But when the angel reached out over Jerusalem to destroy it, God felt the pain of the terror and told the angel who was spreading death among the people,”Enough’s enough! Pull back!” (Emphasis mine.) 2 Samuel 24:15-16

Friends, let this sink in. The natural consequence should have been three full days of epidemic. But David (who knew God better than anyone) called it right. He believed in God’s mercy. The epidemic lasted less than one full day…12 hours. Twelve hours and then the pain of the people moved God’s heart. The just, holy and sovereign God of the heavens was moved to cry out…

“Enough’s enough!”

I don’t know what your “thing” is. I don’t know if it feels big or small. But I do know this. Our God is a God of incomprehensible mercy. He knows our pain and he knows when we can’t take it anymore.

I trust in that.

If my thing continues——– it’s because there is a greater good and purpose yet to be drawn from it. When it ceases——– it will be because the God who knows what’s best for me (and those I love) has said, “Enough is enough.”

I hope you’ll stop over at Suzanne Eller’s #livefree blog today. She, and many others, are sharing powerful stories on what “enough” means to them. Click on the link above and be blessed.

In the meantime, let’s lift one another up. If you’d like prayer regarding your “thing” simply type in the comments section “Enough.” Let’s lift one another up as we remember the final verse in 2 Samuel:

“God was moved by the prayers and that was the end of the disaster.” 24:25 

Your (moved by Mercy) DoAhead Friend,


  1. Wise words from a beautiful heart! My prayers abound for you and for all those who will post “enough”!

  2. Oh Cindy….this was beautifully written. God’s mercy and love are so huge and His ways perfect. Thank you for this post.

  3. I keep listening to the song “Ocean’s” by Hillsong. That’s His mercy to me…oceans! 🙂

  4. His mercy endures forever. That at least is something we can depend on. 🙂
    Beautiful as always, Cindy.

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